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Time-Out – Morale at New Mole House & Messages from Columba’s House


One of Columba’s prophecies seems to be about now:-

The time will come when many will regret the days they have lived to see.
Men of literature will be neglected.
Falsehood and deceit will prevail.
Chapels and shrines will be plundered.
Sacred things will become the prey of thieves.
Learning will be oppressed
and hence they will be brought low.
The powerful will oppress the poor with false laws
and perverted judgement (James 5:4), and the aged
and infirm will regret the time they have lived to see.
Strife and war will rage in every family.
Good neighbourhood will disappear
and many will be treated with disrespect.
The trees shall not bear fruit.
There will be cold and hunger, malice, hatred and bad weather, and only the leaves on the trees will show the difference between summer and winter.
Men and women will fly in the air without wings,
and will travel from one country to another under the ground (Channel Tunnel, etc.).
Pounds will be filled with cattle and jails with men.
Milk over the country will be churned in one churn.
Diseases will abound and remedies will fail.
Every race of mankind will become more wicked
and all classes will be addicted to robbery.
Such is the description of people who will live in the ages to come.
Maidens will be unblushing and marriages without witnesses.

Columba (521-597)

(To the Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger RGP)

Dear Richard ,

Your expressed disappointment in the recently published on-line Gibraltar Police Federation Survey is noted with intrigue. Likewise, so too is the quantitative research summary of the key findings, which would appear to indicate stark ongoing problems with staff morale, and some kind of continuation of a bullying culture within The Royal Gibraltar Police.

Needless to say that you won’t need reminding by me of the grim figures here, but probably the one finding which particularly caught my own eye and surprised me most was that 51% of the workforce have stated that they have contemplated leaving the RGP in the last twelve months. Given the state of play here on The Rock, I had hoped that business metric would have been much, much worse, for why any right minded BOBBY would want to remain in an organisation which under your leadership, is making itself fully complicit in an utterly evil global genocidal cull, is beyond me.

Indeed, and with respect to the survey, disappointingly for me, is one glaringly obvious omission which could and most certainly should have been incorporated into the survey, would have been a question to establish how your staff have been affected by Covid 1984 measures. More specifically still, how do they feel about being asked to implement Fabian Picardo’s and Sohail Bhatti’s genocidal plan here on The Rock of Gibraltar, in full accordance with the Satanic vulgar utterances of the likes of Kill Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Tedros Adhanom and the treasonous Boris Johnson and his insipid spin doctor Matthew Hancock?

During the last year, I have at various times and in different contexts, spoken to a fair few officers from the Royal Gibraltar Police and privately some have confided in me about their disquiet with all these dystopian lock-down measures, which you as the Commissioner are shamelessly ordering your staff to implement. You personally, unwittingly or otherwise, are currently playing a major part in the NAZIFICATION of GIBRALTAR. You risk going down in history as one of The Infamous War Criminals from The Rock, rather than a virtuous BRAVE BOBBY and MORALLY COURAGEOUS COMMISSIONER, who bravely upheld The Law in accordance with The Monarch’s Coronation Oath.

Alarmingly too, your TWITTER account is chock-full of putrid propaganda promoting your force’s dirty work on lock-downs, curfews and mask-muzzling, while patronisingly demonizing any dissenting voice, and your uptake and support for the poisonous death-causing vaccines, deviously devised to usher in by stealth, a diabolical global population cull, is breathtaking.

You do all this despite us warning you repeatedly that vaccines are the poisonous weapon of choice to bring Gibraltar to ruin.

You creep up to the Chronicle and the GBC, knowing full well that they play a major part in duping the ignorant Gibraltarian public, by promulgating Fabian Picardo’s Eugenic, Marxist inspired, lies.

Since you tweeted that 65 per cent of officers have been vaccinated, how many of your police officers and police staff have now foolishly taken their first shot, as of today, please?

Is there a Jab For A Job Policy in the RGP?

For sure, the Government of Gibraltar WITH YOUR HELP, and sphere of influence, are lying to the public on an unprecedented scale, and you, as their number one government foot-soldier, are currently rendering yourself fully complicit in their evil plan. You and the media virus of Gibraltar are pressuring all your staff to be similarly complicit in these deeds most foul. Is that one of the real major underlying reasons why so many of your staff want to leave your organisation during an era when businesses and the economy are purposefully being collapsed?

With respect, there can only be three competing reasons why you behave the way you do as Commissioner. I’m telling you this as a friend, at the risk of making you angry, because a real friend is someone who tells you the truth, when others will not. Please take what I’m going to say as tough-love.

– You are gullible and blissfully ignorant of the facts, which I find very hard to believe, not least because on numerous occasions, we have sent you details of this genocidal plan with reference to Christ’s Defending Gibraltar and Gibraltar Messenger websites.

– You are a creepy coward, unwilling to either step down from your leadership position of the Royal Gibraltar Police, or too hesitant to lead your force in direct opposition to this medical tyranny, by having Fabian and Sohail and the likes arrested for crimes against humanity.

– You have already sold your soul, and are evil to the core, and actually, you probably fully agree with all this anti-God genocidal plan, and a global population cull. You have no qualms with the notion of sacrificing Gebal Tariq and the people of Gibraltar for the sake of the Tyrannical Technocrats tugging at your purse strings.

Which one of the unholy trinity above is it, Commissioner?

Whichever one of these above three competing explanations is closest to The Truth, the situation could not be more dire for you personally, unless you take immediate steps to reverse this genocidal course, and show some real leadership qualities instead of remaining limp, lame and lifeless.

Right now, there is spiritual wickedness in high places like never seen before in our generation.

Right now, there is also a war of good against evil going on in the world, like never before seen in the history of mankind,

Right now, you appear to me, and more importantly to The Gibraltar Messenger, to be squarely fighting for the wrong side.

The side you are currently batting for on this sticky wicket, is Bhatti’s side, and your legacy looks like it will be remembered for being on the losing Luciferian side, which brought about the complete ruination of Gibraltar and its inhabitants.

If after reading this you feel inclined to do your own research into the lies we have been told, may I respectfully suggest you start somewhere like here below.

Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push

If after studying the above on The DEFENDING GIBRALTAR forum, rather than dissipating your time on Twitter, you feel inclined to grasp the relevance of Columba’s prophecies affecting Gibraltar right now, then may I also respectfully suggest you read this article on TIME TO THINK.

Prophecies of Columba, and Book of Kells, from Ireland

It’s nearly close of play now, and with Christ already here in His Second Coming, as The Gibraltar Messenger, and with Him focused on The Rock of His Defence, like never before, TIME is nearly OUT.

TIME is nearly OUT for you to act.

TIME is nearly OUT for all the Gibraltarians you have led astray with your phony police enforcement practices.

TIME is most certainly nearly OUT for all your staff, especially those who have already foolishly taken the jab.

In what seems desperately like a last ditch effort to help you, and all at the RGP, with respect you need to lead the way, show real leadership, and switch sides now, if not sooner.

Tony Farrell

A Farrell
Former Principal Intelligence Analyst – South Yorkshire Police
Current Disciple of CHRIST, The Gibraltar Messenger


I have copied in the brave courier-runner Inspector Olivera into this email, given my initial links with him at THE TIME OUT Cafe on 30th July 2018.

With respect, notwithstanding his grim reaper rhetoric in an old edition of BOBBY, if you PERSONALLY suddenly switch sides for good / God, may I suggest you use “FORREST” as your PHILIPPIDES messenger to announce imminent VICTORY to the troops on the ground in this race against time.


I have also copied in one of Inspector Philippides’ other brave associates. He’s Nigel from Northern Ireland, and he has a surname called Kells, from the South.

The location of Kells has a very special House, infinitely more steeped in History than your NEW MOLE HOUSE, and rest assured that Kells is intrinsically linked to Gibraltar’s fate, in ways in which it would serve you well to attempt to comprehend, even at this late hour.

How a House in Kells is Intrinsically Linked to Gibraltar During These End Times


I have also copied in Sgt Craig Philbin because of his role as President of the Gibraltar Section of The International Police Association.

The Commissioner of Police says he remains disappointed with many of the statistics in the staff survey, however he notes they are slightly more positive than in the two previous years.

Richard Ullger says in recent months he has worked with the GPF in order to improve management and leadership processes across the RGP. In that time, he has initiated a new grievance procedure, a new Ethics Committee and has invited Dignity At Work to give presentations to officers.

He says the RGP now has a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Strategy as well as a Wellbeing Committee and Wellbeing Champions.

Commissioner Ullger says all these initiatives demonstrate the direction he wants the RGP to go in.

He says he looks forward to the day in which all his officers derive real satisfaction and a sense of serving their community.

The GRAY STATE results below are a summary of the survey which was completed by 183 out of our 220 members.

These results show that:

– 44% of the respondents expressed low or very low morale, whilst 72% of officers perceived the morale of the organisation as low or very low.

– 51% of the workforce have stated that they have contemplated in leaving the RGP in the last twelve months.

– 46% of the officers have reported that they have been a victim of bullying/victimisation at work.

– 50% of these officers state that have been bullied within the last year.

– The 46% of respondents who state they have been bullied represents a total of 85 officers.

– 42 respondents state that they had been bullied just this past year. 93% of officers state that they have been bullied by either middle or senior management.

– 59% have stated that they have witnessed bullying / victimisation at work with 91% not reporting it, many commenting fearing possible repercussions and no faith in a positive outcome.

– 111 officers reported having witnessed bullying with 75 respondents stating that they had witnessed the bullying within the last twelve months.

– 16% of officers are confident of reporting matters through the grievance procedure process.

– 31% of Response Team officers were satisfied with the current 5-shift system.

– 66% think the RGP should operate a different Response Team pattern (12-hour shift system 4 on 4 off) as many feel current manpower levels are not properly sustained with rest days and change of hours constantly changed to meet operational demands.

– Although 61% of the members are satisfied or very satisfied with their current salary, 72% are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with their allowances.

– 78% of the members are unsatisfied with the current staffing levels in their shifts and departments highlighting health and safety issues with respect to low manpower levels and continued higher operational demands.

– 10% of officers reported that they feel safe whilst carrying out operational duties.

– 75% feel overworked, with 50% of responder’s stating they are currently suffering from work related stress.

– 20% were satisfied with the level of aftercare provided to officers by the organisation after an incident.

– 49% of officers are not satisfied with the level of counselling offered by the organisation.

– 71% of the members have reported that they have had instances of their rest days changed with 58% not been given the required 15 days’ notice.

– 80% of the members have reported that their working hours/shifts been changed 19% of which had had their duties changed more than 11 times over the past year.

– 16% of officers have reported that they are satisfied with the management of refreshment breaks and facilities.

– 50% were satisfied with their personal safety equipment. 91% of officers are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with IT facilities.

– 6% of officers are satisfied with the security at police buildings.

– 68% did not feel that their promotion prospects were linked to their experience /qualifications and a large percentage did not feel that they were adequately managed with respect to personal assessments, mentoring/attachments, internal transfers, specialist training and retraining.’

A GPF spokesperson commented:

“We thank HMGoG for the extra vacancies that have been created and which will see new officers who are currently undergoing their training period and who will be shortly be deployed to front line policing.

“The most valuable asset of our organisation are its officers and staff. Employee satisfaction stems for working for an organization that values employees’ talents, qualifications and expertise. Officers need to feel valued and treated with respect. They need to have their proper refreshment breaks and unbroken rest days to be fresh, ready and able to deal with the strenuous demands that come with the job.

“Needless to say, a happy workforce will promote morale and will increase productivity.

“The results of this year’s survey is slightly more positive than the two previous years that we have conducted our staff survey. The survey results have been shared with management and the Federation will be again approaching them with a view of working together and improving the working conditions and procedures within the organisation.

“It is now approximately eight months since the retirement of Mr McGrail as Commissioner of Police, Mr Ullger having taken over from him as Commissioner back in June.

“The Gibraltar Police Federation has welcomed the more social approach Mr Ullger has brought with him, always making time for any officer who may have a question and more importantly treating all officers with the dignity and respect that they deserve. His approach has been embraced by our members who now see some light at the end of the tunnel.

“It will be very difficult, and it will take considerable time for the ‘blame culture’, which has existed within the organisation to be wiped out overnight. However the stance from our most senior managers, is now one of learning through mistakes, and although officers are still held accountable, they should not be paralysed or in fear of making genuine mistakes.

“Reports of bullying echoed in both surveys were brushed aside, and the survey itself classified as raw data, as if the officers’ concerns were insignificant. Even though the survey data reflected many instances of bullying we never had an admission of this, let alone deal with the problem.

“We are extremely pleased that Senior management have allowed us to team up with Dignity at Work, with presentations to be delivered in the coming weeks, to all officers of all ranks inclusive of our Commissioner.

“The RGP and the Federation have worked hard to put together a Bullying at Work Policy, acceptable to both sides and have revamped the existing Grievance Procedure. The Federation have only recently been allowed to attend training days and deliver presentations to officers.

“None of these documents are perfect, and we do not expect this to be the case. We must highlight though, that many of the recommendations put forward to Senior management were implemented in the Bullying at Work and Grievance Policy/ Procedure.

“It has taken a long time for the Gibraltar Police Federation to be accepted within the higher echelons of the RGP for what it represents, and to be treated fairly.

“We only have to look back at the beginning of 2019 when six disciplinary notices were issued to the Chairman and the Secretary of the GPF.

“The GPF looks after the welfare and efficiency of its members. We have always been willing to work alongside Command in order to improve any aspect that could better officers working conditions of our members. Our suggestions or advice are now being taken on board and we are grateful to management for this.

“Even before the survey results were published, we had an assurance from the Commissioner of Police that any issues highlighted in this year’s survey would be addressed immediately, a far cry from the response that we had received in relation to our previous surveys.

“This survey is now the third survey that we have conducted in as many years. We feel that it is important to gauge how our members feel and consider this is a suitable platform for officers to express their feelings on issues relating to their employment.

“We look forward to addressing all issues raised by our members with senior management.”

About the GPF

The Gibraltar Police Association was established in 1961. Its Regulations were drawn under Section 52 of the Police Act.

The main objectives of the Association were to enable police officers, under the rank of Superintendent, to consider and bring to the notice of the Commissioner of Police, the Gibraltar Police Authority or the Government matters affecting the welfare, (health and safety) and efficiency of the Force.

On the 15th June 2018, Parliament unanimously approved the legislation and the Gibraltar Police Federation was enacted in law as an independent body.

The post above is an adaption of Tony Farrell’s post on (3 March 2021).

A follow-up email has been sent to Richard Ullger, The Commissioner of The Royal Gibraltar Police on 6th March 2021
Time-Out II

Dear Richard,

Good afternoon and good wishes.

Seventy-seven years ago, in the last week of July 1943, Operation Gomorrah, created one of the largest firestorms raised by the Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces in World War II, killing an estimated 37,000 civilians and wounding 180,000 more in Hamburg, and virtually destroying most of the city.

Earlier this week, a former World War II survivor of that firestorm in Hamburg hand-delivered a letter of mine to Police HQ, for your personal attention. It was about a Message from Columba House, Kells, concerning morale in New Mole House, Gib.

Eighty-three year old Gerhard, who has previously worked in the field of Intelligence on The Rock, kindly agreed to play Postman Pat for me, as I personally wanted to avoid getting embroiled in further futile discussions with your brainwashed reception staff about all this Machiavellian mask wearing nonsense which you help peddle.

Anyway, shortly afterwards, using my pedal-power bicycle, and remaining mask-free, I personally hand-delivered a copy of my letter to another government foot-soldier at the Governor’s Gate. Just as I did that, a police van passed by and both police officers in the front seats waved at me, which was rather nice to see, and kind of made my day.

However, unsurprisingly, there’s been silence on the matter from you personally, so I have recently, given the lack of a response, posted my letter (above) on the Defending Gibraltar website.

In my initial Time-Out letter above, you were encouraged to study The Defending Gibraltar website. Each passing day, The Defending Gibraltar website signposts an ever increasing and compelling array of evidence, which when combined together unequivocally points towards a global genocidal plan at work in these unprecedented times. The stark and damning evidence mounts up as tall as The Rock itself.

Your own complicity in the wider evil plan, increases with each passing moment that you at best allow, or at worst order all your policy enforcers to be deployed as Fabian Pfizer’s stooges, in direct opposition to the Peelian principles and the Monarch’s sworn oath. Each passing moment, your own position becomes increasingly indefensible.

You have been repeatedly told by The Gibraltar Messenger and His team about the evil within our midst. You are being given great insight which your numerous puppet masters would much prefer to keep hidden from your sight.

The $64,000 dollar question is which side are you on, Richard?

Personally, in thinking back momentarily about Gerhard’s survival of the Allied Forces Operation Gomorrah-like firestorm 77 years ago, I don’t want to see a similar number of inhabitants from The Rock facing The Fire on Judgment Day. This much will happen, unless there is widespread repentance and an immediate mending of ways here in Gibraltar. The current evil actions of the politicians, and all their policy-enforcer stooges in the RGP, are an abomination to The Lord, and community leaders here like you are plunging all of the current inhabitants of The Rock ever closer to The Fire, so, with respect, in order to escape The Fire that awaits not just you personally, but also all your Project Servator officers on the beat, you all need to read and inwardly digest Christ’s The Way home or face The Fire and recognise, swear allegiance to and serve our Rightful King, The One and Only Saviour and learn and enforce only His Laws, as the Coronation Oath clearly states.

The Way home or face The Fire

Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net.

I intend to send a copy of this email to Fabian ‘Pfizer’, and all his cabinet, and chief medical advisor Sohail Bhatti, as well as The Governor, David Steel, himself.

Very recently, Gerhard kindly passed on intelligence to me that suggests Fabian is about to re-open his round of consultation meetings, and so I, as a Disciple of The Gibraltar Messenger, Who is CHRIST, feel quite a compulsion to request a face-to-face mask-free meeting myself with the Chief Minister. Furthermore, in the likely event of not receiving any response from you, I will instead formally request a face-to-face mask-free meeting myself with The Governor, David Steel.

Yours faithfully
Tony Farrell


If you visit the Time-Out link above, you may also see that a copy of this email has been appended onto my original Time-Out letter to you. In addition, I have provided a nice photograph of Gerhard, as my postman friend, who was the recent winner of the unofficial 2021 International Chess Festival, which took place this year, not at the Caleta Hotel, but at Western Beach, moments before my unlawful arrest and imprisonment, as already well-documented in my Wandering Blue article – A Room With A View for The Wandering Blue.

This follow-up was originally posted on Defending-Gibraltar on 6 March 2021.