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The True Meaning of Resurrection

Rect – right; straight; rule
Sure – without doubt
Unsure-rection } unsure of what/Who is right
Insure-rection } fighting against what/Who is right.
Resure-rection – becoming sure again of what/Who is right

When Lucifer invented lies (KJV – John 8v44; Kofk – John 8:35); became the Devil (liar; slanderer) and slandered Father, the people without complete faith in Him became unsure of who was right (rect – right; straight; rule) rectitude – rection.

This situation was used by Lucifer who became Satan (the Opposer) to gather support from 1/3 of the Beings of the Universe (you) who had a lack of faith; or you would not have believed Lucifer’s lies; for an insure-rection.

That 1/3 of the Beings of the Universe were defeated and sent with Lucifer to the prison planet Earth, where the war continued. Out of that 1/3 who took part in the insurrection; were sent to Earth and imprisoned inside human bodies; one being, called Abraham, decided to believe only God and thereby became the “friend of God”; proved his faith by his test over Isaac and began the journey of resure-rection, that ends with the test of the Crucifixion, that everyone must face and pass, to return to Life and salvation, as Jesus said.

This is further explained and confirmed by John with his very first words:-

King of kings’ Bible – John 1:1 In the Beginning was the Word (Truth – in Hebrew is Nazir), and the Truth was with God (NOT with Lucifer/Satan the Devil), and the Word was God.

By believing only God, Abraham began to reverse his fall from heaven and then from Eden and started his journey home. He is also regarded as the example to all of his children to follow in order to begin their own journey towards salvation.

Everyone must begin that journey by becoming Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob, then Joseph, then Moses and so on until they become Jesus, who is the end of the journey and the door and The Way back to immortality and home, just as Jesus told you.

The first death is the death of “Self” referred to by Paul when he said it is given to man once to die (to “Self”) and then the judgement and Christ said that over such as have died the first death (the completion of daily “Self”-crucifixion) the second death (The Fire) has no power.

When the “Self” is dead the Being; having been reborn (John 3) and having then crucified daily the human “Self”; is resurrected from being under the “Death-Sentence” for insurrection and treason and puts on immortality and Eternal Life again.

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