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The Camp of Gibraltar and the Rock of Gibraltar; Origins, Today and their Bright Future

Most of us know that the city of CÁDIZ was founded by Phoenicians, around 1500 – 1000 B.C. and that it was called GÁDIR (or “GAD’s city”). Later further Phoenician immigrants arrived in 722 B.C. after the Assyrian conquest of the ten-tribed kingdom of Israel. Phoenicia wasn’t a country but a region which included Israel. Later on in roman times we know that GÁDIR was called GADES. This is why the people from Cádiz are known today as “GADitanos”, or “Gadites” in English. But why Gad? It’s because these Phoenician Israelites who established themselves all along the Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light), Gibraltar and the Camp of Gibraltar belonged to the Phoenician/British/Israelite tribe of GAD. Some names last down the centuries.

The Assyrian pressure over the Phoenician/British/Israelite cities forced them to search for new lands in the West, and in the Costa de la Luz they left many signs of their presence, many still evident today. One of these footprints can still be found on the flags and coats of arms of the region. The Ensign/Coat of Arms of Gad displayed a Camp. This military “Camp” (castle) of Gibraltar can be clearly seen on Gibraltar’s flag today.

In Heraldic-Symbolism the flag’s red base represents the “blood-soaked” earth; the devil’s domain (Rev./Apocalypse 12:1-9); where he walks to and fro (1 Peter 5:8) seeking to devour and to destroy, YOU (along with your ecological life-support system; so far with great success). The flag’s white upper-background represents the clouds. The castle, which should be coloured blue, is shown above and detached from the red earth, representing the castle in the sky – Heaven – God’s Kingdom. The Golden Key, on the flag, represents The “Key to Heaven and Hell” that belongs to the Messiah/Mahdi (Rev./Apoc. 1:18; 3:7; 20:1 – Suras 86 & 43:61), Michael the Crown Prince of Heaven, the (star) luminous-“Being of Light”, who comes down to Earth and takes on a human body (becomes a human+Being) and comes to Reign over and save Gibraltar and “his Elect” / “Chosen”. It is also The Key to the “Strait” Gate (note well – NOT the straight gate).

Previous inhabitants of Gibraltar permanently established themselves in the surrounding areas forming the first modern towns of La Línea de la Concepción, San Roque, Los Barrios and Algeciras. Madrid makes its false claims based on the fact that Spain controlled the Rock for a short spell in history. The Romans invaded Iberia; then the Vandals invaded, renaming Southern Iberia “Vandalucia”, or Andalucia today. But WE MUSTN’T FORGET that Iberia originally belonged to the Biblical Israelites, as they migrated North and West. Iberia is actually a corruption of the word Heberia, which means “Hebrew’s Land”. It was the Hebrew Israelite Tribe of Gad that occupied southern Heberia/Iberia, as they do again today. The last two peoples to invade were the Moors, followed by the Spanish, who ruled for only 203 years, until it was taken back by Hebrew Israelites – the “British”, which means “People of the Covenant” in Hebrew. After 1704 the British Gadites returned to the Rock, where they have lived again for the last 317 years.

The county of the Camp of Gibraltar occupies a surface area of 1530 km²/950 square miles, it forms the point of union between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean and is separated from the African continent by only 14 kms/8.7 miles. 60% of its territory is formed by protected natural spaces of unique ecological value, and it has a climate characterized by high annual hours of sunlight and strong levant winds.

The eight municipalities which constitute the Camp of Gibraltar are; La Línea, San Roque, Los Barrios, Algeciras, Castellar de la Frontera, Tarifa, Jimena de la Frontera and San Martín del Tesorillo (this last one being created in 2018, forming part of Jimena before). If we study the similarities between the flags and coats of arms between these municipalities and Gibraltar, we are quickly given clues as to the origin of these peoples.

The seven coats of arms/ensigns of these Campogibraltarian localities represent signs of common identity between these municipalities and their unequivocal historical relationship with Gibraltar, the seed from which these towns sprang up. All share the Camp/Castle of GAD, in many cases “detached”, the “Key to heaven and Hell” and the crown, the Crown of Christ, the King of Gibraltar; the Camp of Gibraltar and the WHOLE WORLD.

The motto from the Campogibraltarian shield reads “Pro geographia, historia et voluntate conivncti”, which means in latin “Geography, HISTORY and WILL, UNITED”. The Campogibraltarians must become Gibraltar’s allies in the war with Madrid. The people of the Campo need to join together with the Gibraltarians and unite the whole Campo with their Gibraltarian cousins, with everyone at peace, free and prosperous under the rule of Christ, your shared rightful King, rather than the evil Elizabeth and Felipe. Let’s begin the construction of the Kingdom of Christ, for the benefit of all humanity!

Campo-gibraltarians – embrace your racial and spiritual cousins on the Rock!

Gibraltarians (“Llanítos”) – embrace your Campo-gibraltarian racial and spiritual cousins also!

Embrace your KING!

Embrace God’s Royal Laws of Liberty given to YOUR ancestors at Sinai, to Live by in perpetuity. Perpetuity means FOREVER, which means HERE, NOW, where you live today!

Be proud of YOUR ancestry. Let’s create the true Kingdom of God, living under the Blessings of The Covenant with God, and no longer suffering under the Curses of The Covenant, suffering under Satan’s/London’s/Madrid’s/Elizabeth Battenberg’s/Felipe de Borbón’s SLAVERY under man-made legislation. Just think – No more stupid lockdowns, no more pointless masks, freedom of movement of both people and goods, no more poverty, no more crime. The sleeper must awaken! Christ is patiently waiting for YOU to embrace Him. So embrace Him!

And why is this relevant today that these original GADite/Phoenician/British/Israelite inhabitants of Iberia/Spain, in their original homeland of Israel long ago, agreed a Covenant/Contract with God?? Because that Covenant/Contract was FOREVER BINDING, down the generations, and YOUR forefathers (and possibly YOU in a previous incarnation) signed it with God, and God expects You to keep it TODAY, NOW, with Christ His Son and YOUR true and rightful shared King to help YOU. NOT bowing down to the false-god governments that don’t LOVE you, and only want to ENSLAVE YOU further, and eventually KILL YOU.

Obey and follow the Laws of God in the Bible, not the unfair legislative laws of Madrid/London/EU, and enjoy the true FREEDOM they will give YOU! Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!! And with Crown Prince Michael, Heir of the whole planet Earth and Universe to help and protect YOU, all the Way!

Deuteronomy 33:20 And of Gad he said, Blessed [be] he that enlargeth Gad: he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the branch with the crown on his head.
33:21 And he provided the first part for himself, because there, [in] the position of The Lawgiver, [was he] seated; and he came to the heads of the people, he executed the Justice of the “I AM”, and His Judgments with Israel.


Surah 86. Tariq – The Nightcomer or The Morning Star
86:1. By the Sky and the Night-Visitant (therein);-
86:2. And what will explain to thee what the Night-Visitant is?-
86:3. (It is) the “Star” of piercing brightness (Revelation 30:16);-
86:4. There is no soul/Being but has a protector over it.
86:13. Behold this is The Word (John 1:1-5) that distinguishes (Good from Evil):
86:14. It is NOT a thing for amusement.
86:15. As for them, they are but plotting a scheme,
86:16. And the “I AM” is planning a scheme.
86:17. Therefore grant a delay to the Unbelievers: give respite to them gently (for awhile).

Surah 52. The Mount
52:1. By the Mount (of Revelation) – the Rock;
52:2. By a Decree inscribed [in Prophecy]
52:3. In a Scroll opened-up (Isaiah 33:16-17; 42:11-12);
52:4. By the much-frequented Fane;
52:5. By the Canopy Raised High [the Levanter-Cloud];
52:6. And by the Ocean filled with Swell [the Atlantic];
52:7. Verily, the Doom from thy Lord will indeed come to pass;-
52:8. There is none can avert it;-

33:16 He shall dwell on Sion (2 Esd. 13:35): his place of defence [shall be] The Camp of Gibraltar and the Rock of Gibraltar;
33:17 Thine eyes shall see The King in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is very far off (Israel).

This post was originally published on Defending-Gibraltar, 20 April 2021.

The Spanish Version – El Campo de Gibraltar y el Peñon de Gibraltar; Orígenes, Actualidad y Futuro Brillante