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Vota por Cristo y la Ley Perfecta de Dios

Ustedes están siendo gobernados y controlados por criminales y traidores disfrazados como el gobierno y las fuerzas de la ley. La policía, las cortes y el gobierno son empresas comerciales y hacen sus negocios por ganancias financieras. Trabajan juntos para robar el dinero del ciudadano al que falsamente “pretenden” servir.

Victory is Always the Goal of War

Russian and Chinese military doctrines rely on willingness to sacrifice millions of their own citizens, for the sake of victory. Their generals obviously have to consider the possibility of war with the Western nations. Russia and China have to work with the understanding of their specific conditions, and their conditions dictate that a victory means.. Read More

Prophecy Of Gibraltar

Gibr-ALTAR – “crossroads” and “gate” to the old and new world (and age). Gebal-Tariq, in Arabic, means the Rock of “The Night-Visitant.” (see also Rev. 3:3).

Is God An Extra-Terrestrial?

It is very simple to prove that the God of the Bible is an Extra-Terrestrial. The God of the Bible does not live on Earth. That makes God, by definition, an Extra-Terrestrial, but not only that, He is the Ruler of The Universe and His oldest son Christ told us clearly that he is not of this world.

Finding YOUR Way Home

This little book’s message is simple – it’s about life; its meaning; its purpose. But it will challenge everything you think you already know about God, the universe, and yourself.