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Russia Intercepts US Excalibur Guided Artillery Shell

From Southfront –

“An Excalibur guided artillery shell was intercepted (captured) near the settlement of Miropolye in the Sumy region,” said Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

Russian air defenses has successfully intercepted an American-made M982 Excalibur extended range guided artillery round that was fired by Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) near the settlement of Miropolye in the Sumy region, the spokesperson said on November 27.

Lt. Gen. Konashenkov didn’t specify what air defense system was used to shot down the guided artillery round, or provide footage of the interception.

The Excalibur round, which was jointly developed by BAE Systems and Raytheon, has a circular error probable of less than 4 meters. This high accuracy is achieved via a GPS-aided inertial navigation system.

These are used in the Howitzers – All about the 155mm M777 howitzer and M982 Excalibur guided projectile. The Howitzers are breaking down and Russia’s interception is the second strike against The West’s so-called “assistance” in Ukraine (aka fighting Russia by proxy).

The round can be fired from several 155 mm howitzers which were supplied to the AFU by NATO states after the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, including the self-propelled PzH 2000 and AHS Krab as well as the towed M777.

The United States and Canada supplied the AFU with hundreds of Excalibur rounds over the last few months to boost its fire power.

Despite of its high accuracy, the Excalibur round has some issues. A single round could cost as much as $112,000. In addition, the round’s guidance system dependence on GPS makes it vulnerable to signal jamming (like the RQ-170 US Drone that Iran captured).

Source: Southfront – Russian Air Defenses Intercepted (Captured) U.S.-Made Excalibur Guided Round Fired By Ukrainian Artillery


Excalibur guided artillery shell intercepted by Russian air defense systems in Sumy region

According to Konashenkov, as many as 333 planes, 177 helicopters, 2,565 unmanned aerial vehicles, 390 air defense systems, 6,848 tanks and other armored vehicles, 904 multiple rocket launch systems, 3,620 artillery systems and mortars, and 7,381 special military cars have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation

An Excalibur guided artillery shell was intercepted by Russian air defense forces near Miropolye in the Sumy region, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Sunday.

“Air defense systems downed two HIMARS rockets near the settlement of Bogdanovka in the Kherson region. An Excalibur guided artillery shell was intercepted near the settlement of Miropolye in the Sumy region,” he said.

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