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Scott Ritter on Russian Victory – It’s All Over For Ukraine

Gibraltar Messenger – “This video is very informative, including about the EU separating from US/NATO and joining Russia.”

DGTV – Scott Ritter on Russian Victory, It’s all over for Ukraine

“I think it’s all over except the death, the shouting, the destruction, the screaming, the blood, the tears, but it’s going to happen. It’s inevitable,” said Scott Ritter.

“We’re in the total Russian victory phase. Russia has been slow to start. The West has never fully comprehended what this special military operation meant. We tried to mirror-image our way of fighting war, especially using the 1991 Gulf War as an example: total war upfront. We never understood how the Russians felt about Ukraine. We mocked Putin. We mocked Russians that spoke about a Slavic brotherhood. And we’ve pumped 10s of billions of dollars in military assistance sustaining an Ukrainian government that should have collapsed in late Spring, early Summer.”

“Russia’s Victory is the treaty they put on the table in December – a new European security framework that respects Russia’s National Security interest.”

There is no European Unity. France and Germany are realizing that the enemy isn’t in The East; it’s to the West. Americans are destroying their economies, he said.

“NATO is falling apart. There’s a greater chance of NATO members going to war with each other, than there are with NATO going to war with Russia.” (55:42min)

The Celto-Anglo-Saxondom is being gradually isolated from the Gentile world, for we see the world today dividing itself into two great camps for the final battle.