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Tony Farrell Fights To Set Gibraltarians Free – Statement of Truth


25 December 2020



1). I am an hu-man+Being, not a corporate fiction all-capital letters “person” and my hu-man’s name is Anthony of the Farrell family. The body/hu-man I am inhabiting’s date of birth is 04/01/1960, and he was born in Widnes, England. I possess an UK Passport and an UK Driving License. Furthermore, I am not the “property” or slave of the Crown/Regina, nor of the RGP to order about and, as no-one can lawfully administer or order about any “property” other than “property” that they lawfully own, neither the RGP nor the judiciary, nor the government can order me to do anything that is not strictly in accordance with God’s Law. I am God’s property and His alone, and thus as my Creator He alone, or someone acting strictly in accordance with His Law, can order me to do His Will and obey His Law, and nothing more than that.

1st Corinthians 6:19 What? Know ye not that your body is The Temple of the Holy Spirit [which is] in you, which ye have from God, and ye are not your own?
6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body [human], and in your spirit [Being], which are God’s.
7:20 Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.
7:21 Art thou called [being] a servant? Care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use [it] rather.
7:22 For he that is called in the Lord, [being] a servant, is the Lord’s freeman: likewise also he that is called, [being] free, is Christ’s servant.
7:23 Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men but of God ONLY (First Commandment).

Acts 5:29 Then Peter and the [other] Apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

2). If anyone other than God or Christ claims that I am their property, then I demand that they bring forth proof of that claim.

3). This statement stems from an incident on 20th November 2020, whereby three members of the Royal Gibraltar Police: namely Chief Inspector MARK WYAN; Inspector JONATHAN DESOIZA; and Detective Constable PAUL GACHE (No 70); should each be charged with unlawfully obstructing and arresting me, rather than me obstructing them.

4). These pretend law-enforcement officers had no lawful authority to obstruct me, let alone arrest me, as I entered Casemates Square, exercising my lawful right to do so, and my lawful right of freedom of movement and speech and unrestrictedly breathing fresh-air whilst on God’s property, which encompasses the entire planet.

5). Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

6). To make matters worse, when I first entered into Casemates Square, I actually approached Detective Constable Paul Gache (No 70) in order to specifically assist the ROYAL GIBRALTAR POLICE within the spirit of their PROJECT SERVATOR, and alert them to an incident adjacent to the airport runway, which potentially posed, in my opinion, a very serious threat to safety and security, under the guise of The Terrorism Act, and the UK’s and Gibraltar’s phoney risible Terror Threat Assessment.

7). The subsequent lame and inept response I got from each of the above three officers was one where, each in turn, demonstrated complete and utter indifference to the airport runway incident, which contrasted starkly with their collective totalitarian obsession with the implementation of their pre-planned farcical health-harming face-nappy-mask-wearing street-theatre exercise. A separate report about this airport runway incident can be provided upon request. I suspect the police were involved in instigating that, too.

8). Returning specifically to the exercise in Casemates Square, I suspect this was a police operation which had been just cobbled together to show off their strength and power as the fraudulent Government’s foot-soldiers, and allow the RGP to gauge the level of opposition to the fraudulent Government’s ludicrous unlawful Covid 1984 lockdown measures.

9). What followed, with respect to the measures taken against me was an unlawful interference with my God-given Rights, followed by false arrest and an unlawful attempt to steal money from me in the form of fraudulent fixed penalty notices with UNLAWFUL bail conditions.


10). This statement of Truth additionally relates to the unLAWful charge unleashed upon me by the Royal Gibraltar Police via Detective Constable 070 Paul Gache at a later stage, on 21/12/2020 at New Mole House Police Station. The unLAWful charge against me is termed as ‘Obstructing Police in the Execution of Their Duty Contrary to Section 177 (2) (a) of the ultra vires and thus unlawful, Crimes Act 2011.

11). For reference sake, the CR/OB number is CR-20-00009009-L.

12). My primary reason for entering Casemates Square on 20th November 2020, was to support the clarion call that had seemingly been put out by some anonymous person, possibly a RGP officer, for invoking an anti-mask protest. I liked the notion of that and felt I could lend support to such a noble cause.

13). Upon entering Casemates Square on foot with my bicycle, at about 5:50pm, I quickly surveyed the scene all around the square.

14). There was an unusually large muzzle-masked police presence, and I observed that most, if not all outside seats in Casemates, were occupied by the non-mask wearing members of the public.

15). However, looking around, I could see no evidence of any emerging mask protest, as everyone whom I could see standing-up, were all muzzled-up, like obedient ‘sheeple’ heading for their own slaughter.

16). Almost immediately I saw an uniformed police officer standing alone, likewise surveying the scene, while getting paid, by the public purse, for doing so, and so I headed straight towards him in a business-like manner in order to alert him to what I considered to be a serious security incident at Western Beach, which, in my opinion, was a risk which warranted a suitable response from the RGP.

17). The officer on my radar was DC Paul Gache (Police No 070). We had never previously met.

18). The police officer showed no interest whatsoever in listening to any of my verbal report of a serious high risk incident. Instead, his sole preoccupation was to unlawfully try to persuade me to muzzle-mask-up. That evening, he was under strict instructions just to deal with the anti-mask protest issue, and basically nothing else. Would they have ignored anyone committing a real crime I ask myself?

19). With a mixture of dismay and incredulity, I looked around at the people sitting fiddling around watching while the square on The Rock burns. Yards away from where we were both standing, I could all too plainly see the place packed with unmasked people. The only difference was that all these unmasked people were seated, whereas unmasked me, was standing-up. I found the contrasting situation absurd in the extreme, and anyone with one iota of common sense ought to agree that these measures are nonsensical, idiotic, ludicrous, harmful to health and more about a wider evil agenda of police-state totalitarian control disguised as medical tyranny for profit, than about protecting people from harm.

20). Intelligence I gleaned later, suggests that many of these unmasked people were actually there for the protest to start with, and were sitting down waiting to see how events would unfold, amidst a backdrop of an excessively heavy police presence on the square.

21). Although I had absolutely nothing at all to do with the initial calling for the anti-mask protest, and EVIDENTIALLY, I remain largely clueless as to who actually called it in the first place, one of my first thoughts, as I stood talking to DC Gache, was concerned with answering the question: ‘Is Tony Farrell going to have to do this anti-mask protest all alone.’ I was soon to realise the answer was a disappointing ‘Yes’. Let me also say that I strongly suspect the police themselves organised this protest as part of an intelligence gathering operation, so as to test the water, as to the strength of resistance to these ridiculous fraudulent government imposed unlawful restrictions which the RGP were willingly complicit in enforcing, as The Government’s Foot Soldiers.

22). For the best part of 25 minutes, I engaged with DC Gache and several other police officers. I could not persuade a single one of them to take the airport runway incident remotely seriously, and likewise in return, none of them could persuade me to mask-up, however much they all tried.

23). Eventually, DC Gache was instructed by a higher ranking officer to issue me with a fraudulent Fixed Penalty Notice of £100. The officer obeyed his instructions and issued me with a FPN in an attempt to steal money from me. I let a muzzled-up DC Gache know that this wasn’t the first fraudulent FPN I had received for my none health-harming face-nappy wearing stances.

24). Several police officers were located close by also keeping an eye on things.

25). A fiery friend of mine, who is exceedingly well-known to the police, and knew all about the same airport runway incident report which I had been trying to convey to the RGP earlier in the afternoon, tried to attract my attention just to inform me that he had taken photographs of all the unmasked people sat down at nearby outside tables. However, police immediately deflected him away in an effort to diffuse the situation.

26). The fiery friend was making a perfectly valid point, but I was nevertheless glad about the police taking him aside, as I was determined to make my protest peaceful, and helpful for the police, and I was very mindful not to let the occasion become nasty in any shape or form, even though I wanted to be vociferous in my stance.

27). Having dealt with the fraudulent Fixed Penalty Notice issue, DC Gache set about unlawfully trying to persuade me to vacate Casemates Square, or concede defeat on the mask stance. His pleas were gently declined. At least three members of the public, none of whom I knew personally, approached the pair of us, in an effort to offer me a free mask. I declined all such kind, but ultimately misguided, offers to help. I did that with a smile, and a polite thank-you.

28). By now, DC Gache seemed to be enjoying our discussions, but in my opinion was clearly not relishing the prospect of feeling obliged to unlawfully arrest me for exercising my God-given Rights. He could see it coming to that quite early on, or so I sensed. Anyway, he tried so hard not to be placed in such an invidious position that at one point, I almost felt sorry for him. We had one or two things in common, like we had both studied at SHEFFIELD.

29). After various discussions with a couple of sergeants, an Inspector Desoiza, and also the Gold Commander, Chief Inspector Mark Wyan, I made my position clear to one and all. Moreover, I stated to the Gold Commander that I was doing nothing wrong, and it was my intention to leave the square at 6:30pm, and not a moment before.

30). That line in the sand disclosure of mine would have been pronounced at about 6:20pm. I explained that I wanted to ascertain if any other protester besides myself, would be prepared to stand-up and be counted. The Chief Inspector, who knew who I was, advised, listened, and even verbally acknowledged receipt from me of an earlier email sent to 70 RGP officers about health-harming face-nappy-masks.

31). Upon realising that I was not going to obey his unLAWFUL instruction, the pretend Chief Inspector ordered me to be unlawfully arrested, and that task fell upon Detective Constable Paul Gache.

32). I don’t recall being cautioned, as my immediate concern upon hearing that I was about to be unlawfully arrested was to find a way of securing the bicycle I had with me at the time. I was at risk of getting it impounded, or stolen.

33). As I was being unlawfully arrested, DC Gache kindly allowed me to speak to a nearby friend and hand-over a bike padlock key to him, and request my friend’s assistance with making the bicycle secure, given I was about to be kidnapped and unLawfully transported to New Mole House Police Station.

34). I was processed at New Mole Station in spite of refusing to put on a mask in custody. All police officers present in the custody suite were gentle and friendly with me, even though I was not heeding their unlawful request about the health-harming mask wearing. I was allowed to phone the duty solicitor.

35). I was under the distinct impression that none of the police officers at the custody suite were fans of the health-harming muzzle masks. Obviously, they were having to be guarded about what they would say to me, especially as they probably already knew a bit about my former police intelligence analysis background.

36). I was formally interviewed by a sergeant and was allowed to give my version of events.

37). I spoke at length in a very detailed and calm way. The sergeant did not interrupt. I mentioned numerous things, both about the unlawfulness of the arrest, and about the madness of the manic muzzle mask manouevres, and the wider global agenda. Specifically, I made mention of Dr Sohail Bhatti’s criminality while comparing and contrasting him with Kill Bill Gates.

38). I was almost enjoying the opportunity to speak and be listened to. I used the opportunity to express dismay that none of the police officers showed any interest whatsoever, in allowing me to explain the details of the airport runway incident, I’d been initially trying to help the police with, upon first entering Casemates. I had been appalled by the response and the warped and misguided values of the RGP.

39). At the end of my interview, the sergeant asked me two questions. These were as follows:

Question 1: Was I disappointed in the turn out?

Question 2: Did I not feel that the world was overpopulated?

40). I gave responses but can’t remember if the audio was still running at this point.

41). The sergeant informed me that he would take responsibility for looking into the airport runway incident report. I thanked him for that.

42). Shortly after the interview was terminated, I was released from detention the same evening and the sergeant gave me a slip to appear at New Mole House at noon on Thursday 17th December 2021.

43). It was only the next day that I realised that no such date exists.


44). Some time during the early evening of 21st December 2020, I was visited at my abode by DC Gache and another plain clothes police officer.

45). The police officers came to see me in order to ascertain why I had not attended New Mole House on 17th December 2020.

46). I told DC Gache that the slip I’d been given had the date specified as 17th December 2021, not the date 17th December 2020. Proof of this was shown.

47). I was asked to attend the station. In response, I asked whether I was getting charged. He answered in the affirmative. I asked were they trying to arrest me. I was told that I was not under arrest. Therefore, without being arrested, I voluntarily attended the police station that evening, as I was intrigued enough to want to see the finer details of the unLAWful charge that had been made against me by the pretend law-enforcement officer known from hereon in as DC70.

48). At the station, I repeatedly refused to wear a mask. DC70, informed his colleagues, that it would be futile for them to try to persuade me to wear one. DC70 knew full well from his own experience from our previous encounter, that my position was entrenched on this health-harming muzzle mask madness.

49). I was given the fraudulent charge sheets, and I said in response that the arrest had been unLawful and pointed out that I had done absolutely nothing wrong or criminal. I note that this has not been recorded on the fraudulent pretend charge sheets. I also recall distinctly making a comment indicating how sad it was for me to personally see what the police service is now turning itself into. This was said gently, with genuine concern, and it was not designed to anger, or be perceived as a personal attack against any of the officers in attendance, as I was trying my best to help both them as individuals, and the rest of their pretend police force. I think the officers present appreciated this. The RGP needs to transform itself into a force for GOOD / rather than being a force for EVIL by obeying unlawful orders, in this insane prison planet we are living in at the moment.

50). Assuming that the invalid date on the original slip was actually a genuine error on the part of the RGP’s sergeant on 20th November 2020, and regarding the subject of my later no show at New Mole House on 17th December 2020, I informed the different sergeant that instead of being at New Mole House at a time and date, when I’d been expected, I’d been elsewhere.

51). In that respect, I informed the officers that I had quite deliberately and purposefully been to Western Beach Cafe to have a cup of tea, and peacefully watch a dozen or so police officers from the RGP flout all their own Covid 1984 muzzle mask measures, inside the Western Beach cafe itself.

52). I said that this was a stark classic example of police hypocrisy at work, and officers from The RGP were showing themselves up as hypocrites, and being a law unto themselves. I felt obliged to highlight this observation, as I had sadly and purposefully witnessed the sad-to-see events with my own eyes.

53). The sergeant replied that I am entitled to my opinion, and so upon hearing that standard inept and lame response, I made reference to the fact that that exact same expression had been deployed against me ten years ago, when the South Yorkshire Police saw fit to sack me as their Principal Intelligence Analyst, for flatly refusing to peddle UK government lies over their bogus terror threat assessment, in an assignment I’d been tasked to deliver for the then Chief Constable of the infamous SYP.

54). The sergeant had no quarrel with me over any of this, and he said that he’d made a comment about the wrong date on my slip to cover for my non-appearance at the police station on 17th December 2020. This would be for the benefit of the Magistrate, he wrongly assumed I would present myself before, the next day.

55). The issuing sergeant was at all times friendly, and he advised me that I was expected to attend the Magistrates Court at 10am the next day. He offered further advice about me wearing a mask in court, while FULLY acknowledging that I might not want to take heed of any such advice of his.

56). Quietly, I thanked the sergeant for his advice. All present in the custody suite including DC Gache bid me a pleasant enough farewell.


57). Regarding the summons on the charge sheet to attend court. A summons is an invitation to attend their place of business, as the police and courts are registered corporations trading for profit.

58). I am declining that invitation, as I have no contract with, nor am I the property of, Elizabeth or her courts, and do not wish to enter into any contract with either her, her courts or the RGP. The latter of which falsely claims to police by consent, when I clearly did not consent to being unlawfully policed by them.

59). Regarding the RGP, I have told them that I fully intend to Challenge the fraudulent Crown, the fraudulent legislation and their own jurisdiction and authority to arrest me, and then attempt to steal money from me and charge me for doing absolutely nothing wrong, whilst exercising my God-given Rights.

60). Truth is, by making this stance, I am doing my level best to help the police to do good, rather than encourage them to continue to do evil.

61). The local government here calls itself Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar, and, as Elizabeth is not the lawful sovereign, but is a criminal committing fraud amongst many other crimes, as outlined in The Challenge Document which will be deployed, Father willing, should this case escalate to an unLAWful trial, it follows therefore as she is a fraud that her local government is a fraud too, and it also follows that no law-breaker can enforce The Law.

62). As with the fraudulent courts and judiciary here in Gibraltar, so too does The Royal Gibraltar Police derive its pretend authority from the fake treasonous and criminal queen/regina.

63). Collectively, neither the government of Gibraltar, nor their medical adviser Dr. Sohail Bhatti, nor The Courts, nor The Royal Gibraltar Police possess any lawful authority to issue warrants or charges, etc., except in strict accordance with God’s Law. All other rules, regulations and legislation are unlawful and prohibited by God’s Law (see Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32), that the monarch swears to maintain to the UTMOST of their power during their Coronation.

64). I repeat under God’s LAW, I have done absolutely nothing wrong in going about my lawful business, before being unlawfully obstructed by DC70, Inspector DESOIZA and Chief Inspector Mark WYAN, particularly since I was trying to help the RGP to protect the people of Gibraltar.

65). If any of the above mentioned entities, have the audacity to say that the people, other than the crown, give them their authority, let it be on the record that the people have absolutely no authority themselves whatsoever to legislate or delegate an authority to do so, that they do not themselves possess.

66). In short, FRAUD vitiates EVERYTHING it touches.

67). Any warrant for my subsequent unlawful arrest is a worthless piece of paper, because it, like the person who signed it, is a fraud.

68). Father willing, this statement of truth will be sent to the email addresses of the three aforementioned pretend law-enforecement officers and 70 other pretend law-enforcers from the RGP on 25th December 2020, 70 years from when the aforementioned FRAUD first began in earnest.

69). Christmas Day – The Final Overturn of The Stone / Throne and British Monarchy.

70). I submit this as a Statement of Truth.

Tony Farrell – Date: 25th December 2020
Former Principal Intelligence Analyst – South Yorkshire Police
Current Disciple of JAH, Who is The Gibraltar Messenger and CHRIST in His Second Coming

PDF Version – STATEMENT OF TRUTH OF Anthony of the Farrell Family V THE FAKE REGINA QE2 (25 Dec 2020)

This Statement was originally posted on Defending-Gibraltar on 25 December 2020.