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Gibraltar’s Sovereignty Is God-given and Protected By God

Only action, not words will end the sovereignty dispute.

Gibraltar is the Fortress of Rock and the Rock of Defence, as described in the Holy Bible. In the True Koran, it is the Rock of the Night Visitant (Christ). If Gibraltarians accept Christ as their rightful King; instead of the evil, greedy, Nazi Windsors; they not only have rights to the Rock, but also to southern Iberia, that was taken from the Tribe of Gad, its original inhabitants.

Today’s politics and tactics are a form of modern-day warfare being used by those in Madrid to try to steal the Rock.

Given Gibraltar’s stable economy compared with Spain’s, it makes it a prime financial target. But also given Madrid’s corruption and its inability to manage its own finances, it’s likely they’d absorb Gibraltar’s riches and quickly lay waste to Gibraltar as it’s already done to Spain. But the thing about politics is it always SEEMS to be FOR the people, by informing everyone what they should want or must have, or do, when it’s really about the demands of the greedy wealthy and powerful.

Madrid’s track-record in protecting its people is worse than AWFUL, as the country is being plundered by the International Banksters, when it should be looking at Iceland as an example of how to protect its citizens, not eyeballing a raid south of its border to divert its people’s attention from their abysmal mismanagement. And while men look to divide using politics, religion, region, and rites; the “I AM” God looks to unify the Campo and secede from Spain.

God Has His Sights On the Rock For His Plans.
That’s why it’s such a spiritual place.

Gibraltarians need to stay unified to the point of ignoring Madrid’s “diversion” games which it uses to try to divert attention from and hide the corruption and collapse that’s happened to Spain, by its politicians’ own abysmal mismanagement. Madrid touts that it has historical claims on Gibraltar, but that is not the case. Gibraltar has been British-Israelite for thousands of years – at least as far back as the time of Solomon, the son of David the shepherd who slew Goliath with a tiny rock. Before the time of David and Solomon, Gibraltar was visited by Moses, and Joshua the son of Nun, after whom the well at Europa Point is named.

Madrid makes its false claims based on the fact that Spain controlled the Rock for a short spell in history. The Romans invaded Iberia; then the Vandals invaded, renaming Southern Iberia “Vandalucia”, or Andalucia today. But Iberia originally belonged to the Biblical Israelites, as they migrated North and West. Iberia is actually a corruption of the word Heberia, which means “Hebrew’s Land”. It was the Hebrew Israelite Tribe of Gad that occupied southern Heberia/Iberia, as they do again today. The last two peoples to invade were the Moors, followed by the Spanish, who ruled for only 203 years, until it was taken back by Hebrew Israelites – the “British”, which means “People of the Covenant” in Hebrew. After 1704 the British Gadites returned to the Rock, where they have lived again for the last 300 years.

Thus, Spain’s once occupation of Gibraltar doesn’t give it historical rights. See, Gibraltar – Gebal Tariq (The Rock of ‘The Night-Visitant’ – in Arabic) – British or Spanish?


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Let The Inhabitants of The Rock Sing The New Song

This declaration can be found in Psalms, Isaiah and Revelation. “…let the inhabitants of the Rock sing… – Isaiah 42:11.”

The New Song’s theme is about Praising the “I AM” God and being kind to others. The theme is also found
throughout the True Koran.

This song is a combination of two songs.

“And they sing the ‘Song of Moses’ the servant of God, AND the ‘Song of the Lamb’, saying, Great and marvellous [are] Thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true [are] Thy Ways, Thou King of the holy people – Rev. 15:3.”

The Song of Moses is the Mosaic Law found in the Torah – the first five books of the Bible, and the Commands and Teachings of Jesus Christ are the Song of The Lamb.

Koran Sura 32:23. “We did indeed aforetime give the Book (Torah) to Moses: be then NOT IN DOUBT of its (The Torah) reaching (THEE): and We made it a Guide to the Children of Israel.” “And this (Torah) is a Book which We have revealed as a BLESSING: so follow it and be righteous, that YE may receive mercy – Sura 6:155”.

Sura 2:248: “And (further) their Prophet said to them: ‘A Sign of his authority is that there shall come to you the Ark of The Covenant, with (an assurance) therein of security from your Lord, and the relics left by the family of Moses and the family of Aaron, carried by angels. In this is a Symbol for you if ye indeed have faith…”

What’s the NEW SONG?


It was once kept in St. Michael’s Cave; and will be brought back to Gibraltar from the Hill of Tara. It contains the original Books given to Moses. “A sign of His authority, a relic, and assurance for the faithful.

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These messages was given in the December 2013 edition of Gibraltar-Messenger.

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