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Britannia Identified: A real queen – of Ireland and Gibraltar

The True Story

On the 18th June 583 BC a teenage queen: Teia Tephi, now revealed by JAH as being the original Britannia, landed at Howth Ireland with the king of Cornwall’s navy escort, having escaped the fall of Jerusalem with Jeremiah the Prophet and their small party. They brought the Ark of The Covenant, some relics of Israel, the Coronation Stone, also known as Bethel, Jacob’s Pillar, Lia Fail /the Stone of Destiny.

At Tara she married Eochaidh, the Irish High-king of the Zarah (red – hand) line of Judah, she being of the Pharez (David) line of Judah, which is symbolized in the Ulster flag. The marriage sealed the breach, as prophesied, and she was crowned queen of Ireland at The Hill of Tara. All in her autobiography:

The Story in Three Parts

1 – Escape From Jerusalem’s Fall

It starts with the sacking of Jerusalem after several prophetic warnings to king Zedekiah: Teia’s dad, to return to The Laws of Moses. The Kingdom of Judah is carried off captive to Babylon. The Prophet Jeremiah with Baruch, his scribe, and Teia and her two sisters escape to Tanis Egypt, after hiding under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; taking with them The Ark of the Covenant, Jacob’s Pillar and some other relics of Israel, and where Pharaoh Hophra adopts her as his daughter.

2 – Journey to the British Isles

After some time the party sails for Ireland, via Carthage, Italy, Eastern Spain, Gibraltar, Western Spain and England. The journey includes some harrowing adventures like Teia cursing Gibraltar’s Neptune worship; breaking his idol; taking his trident and being crowned its queen; foiling an assassins’ plot (1st one) and broken oars and rudder in a storm before landing at Marazion Cornwall, whose king wept bitter (mara) tears when he heard of Jerusalem’s (zion) fall.


3 – Settling in Ireland

Teia marries the Irish High-king: Eochaidh, for love, is crowned queen at Tara, and they lead their supporters in a war to reinstate The Laws of Moses, which brings peace and prosperity to the whole of Ireland. The couple tragically loses their eldest and most spoilt child. They have an adventurous rule. Eochaid teaches The Law. Teia sets up games to commemorate The Law. Her body is buried at Tara with The Ark of The Covenant.

About The Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara’s (in Royal County Meath) name derives from Torah, the first five books of The Old Testament: Pentateuch: Books of Moses.

The original Torah, which was placed in The Ark of The Covenant, as a witness against true Israel: the British people, is now under the Mound of The Hostages at Tara, together with David’s harp (an Irish symbol), Aaron’s robes and Breastplate, and some other relics from the first Temple, built by Solomon.

Tara was the seat of the High – kings of Ireland, until the monarchy, together with Jacob’s Pillar, moved to Scotland with Fergus Mor in about 500AD, and then to England with Edward I ‘Longshanks’ in 1296AD –

The Mound of The Hostages where her body and The Ark of The Covenant are buried, which you can help to recover –

More Interesting facts

She and Eochaidh and their supporters won the war to reinstate The Laws of Moses, bringing prosperity to Ireland, hence her warrior fame. Eochaidh was wrongfully deified as Daighda the god in pain, because of a lifelong injury he sustained while saving Tephi from an assassination attempt.

She is the connection between king David and the current British monarchy, hence her lion of Judah, and she carries the flag of the Union (of the 12 tribes of) Jack(ob): the British Isles, USA, the rest of the Commonwealth and others.

Her trident is from Gibraltar, where they spent 5 months, which is also symbolized as the lion (Gibraltar’s shape), and where she was also crowned its queen – there’s a Gibstown in Ireland and an Irishtown in Gibraltar! The Ark of The Covenant spent those 5 months in St. Michael’s Cave.

The Ark of The Covenant is now under the Hill of Tara in Ireland.

Some Prophecies

Teia Tephi (Autobiography)

3:3 … A builder, I set one-Stone; as a husbandman, a seed;
But the Stone is the dwelling of Him from Whose hand shall the nations feed,
And thereon shall rest His Chosen (Christ whose kingdom is East and West, Whereupon the sun shall wander and find no place for his rest.

St. Columba/ Columcille 597AD

Senanus (ra chan – riot)
One monarch (Christ) will rule in Ireland,
Over the Galls and the pure Gaels; From the reign of that Man,
The people shall suffer no destitution.

Nostradamus 1555AD
Quatrain 10,69
The shining deed of the old one (Tephi) exalted anew,
Through Meath, the King of kings will be so great:
Great crowds assembled for his cleansed sister (Tephi),
The shrub of the Amber Lion fleeing, mortally wounded.

The real Lia Fail/Coronation Stone needs to be found. It’s in hiding in Scotland somewhere.

This post is adapted from Britannia Identified. The PDF of the brochure is available to Download/View – Britannia Identified: A real queen – of Ireland and Gibraltar.

QUEEN OF GIBRALTAR AND IRELAND: Exploring the life of Queen Teia Tephi – The Book of Tephi, Queen of Tara and Gibraltar.Teia Tephi told the Irish people to hold, near her palace at Teltown, close to Kells, Ireland; every year; Funeral Games on the anniversary of her death (to prove that she was human and not a goddess). She died on the Calends (first) of August. These games had special rules based on The Torah, to commemorate and remember, both her and The Torah (God’s Law).

Teia Tephi was mentioned in December 2013 edition of Gibraltar Messenger.