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ICJ on the case against the Counterfeit-State of Israel

The International Court of Justice released its decision. Below are excerpts from articles about its order; also with additonal hyperlinks, videos and scriptures.

Note: The word “counterfeit” has been added as a prefix to “Israel” when referring to the Israelis, for Biblical and historical accuracy, because they are NOT true Israel.

UN’s top court puts (Counterfeit) Israel on notice over its war in Gaza. Here’s what its judgement could mean

Excerpts from The Conversation:

(Counterfeit) Israel has been placed on notice by the ICJ. A plausible case has been made out that (counterfeit) Israel has engaged in genocidal conduct in Gaza.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has issued an unprecedented set of preliminary orders in the case brought against (counterfeit) Israel (Rev. 2:9) by South Africa alleging it is committing genocide in its war against Hamas in Gaza.

By a 15–to–two majority, the orders place constraints on (counterfeit) Israel’s military operations in Gaza and require (counterfeit) Israel to report back by February 26 on steps it is taking to fulfil these orders.

However, the ICJ did not accept South Africa’s request that (counterfeit) Israel (Rev. 2:9) immediately suspend its military operations in Gaza. Rather, the court modified the South African request, which if upheld would have denied (counterfeit) Israel’s inherent right of self-defence.

(Counterfeit) Israel can therefore continue to defend itself against ongoing Hamas attacks in Gaza. However, (counterfeit) Israel must now conduct its military operations consistently with the ICJ’s orders.

The Gibraltar Messenger: The ICJ is wrong when it states that counterfeit Israel has a right to self-defence, and the statement flies in the face of the UN Resolution that states that an occupying force does not have the right to self-defence.

The AshkeNAZI counterfeit state in Israel is an illegal occupying force, that has absolutely NO Biblical or historical right or claim to the Land of Israel, and therefore it has absolutely NO right to self-defence.

The orders are final and binding and not subject to appeal. But the ICJ lacks enforcement capacity, which ultimately rests with the UN Security Council.

Preliminary hearings were held in early January and South Africa expedited the case by seeking “provisional measures” against (counterfeit) Israel. These are a form of interim orders the ICJ can urgently issue where there is a risk of irreparable harm occurring.

South Africa did not need to conclusively prove (counterfeit) Israel was engaging in genocide. All South Africa needed to demonstrate was that there was a plausible case (counterfeit) Israel was acting with genocidal intent in Gaza and engaging in genocidal conduct.

The court ordered (counterfeit) Israel (including its military) to immediately comply with six provisional measures, ensuring it takes all measures to prevent acts of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

While the ICJ’s interim judgement demonstrated the strength of the South African case at this preliminary stage, it will not resolve the (counterfeit) Israel-Hamas conflict. For example, the court’s orders do not interfere with (counterfeit) Israel’s right of self-defence.

The Gibraltar Messenger: The ICJ is wrong when it states that counterfeit Israel has a right to self-defence, and the statement flies in the face of the UN Resolution that states that an occupying force does not have the right to self-defence.

The AshkeNAZI counterfeit state in Israel is an illegal occupying force, that has absolutely NO Biblical or historical right or claim to the Land of Israel, and therefore it has absolutely NO right to self-defence.

Nevertheless, the judgement will impact how (counterfeit) Israel conducts its military operations. Much greater emphasis will now need to be given to the principle of distinction between targeting combatants and civilians, and additional measures of precaution will need to be taken to avoid civilian casualties. Humanitarian aid will also need to flow to Gaza.

In addition, (counterfeit) Israel’s supporters and allies such as (Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States – True IsraelDeut. 4:1; Mal. 4:4) will now be expected to respond to the court’s ruling. How they recalibrate their public statements supporting (counterfeit) Israel – and their diplomatic and private exchanges with Israeli political leaders – may prove pivotal to (counterfeit) Israel scaling back aspects of its military operations.

Michael Walker’s Analysis – Novara Media:

ICJ ruling: Top UN court orders (counterfeit) Israel to take all measures to prevent genocide

Excerpts from The National News:

Outlining the case, court president Joan Donoghue, an American lawyer, said the court was “acutely aware of the extent of human tragedy unfolding in the region and is deeply concerned about the continued loss of life and human suffering”.

By not calling for a ceasefire while also stating that there is a possibility of genocide in Gaza, the court paved the way for both (counterfeit) Israel (Rev. 2:9) and South Africa to claim they had scored a diplomatic victory.

In its interim order, the court ruled:

  • Israel must take all measures within its power to prevent the act of genocide (15 votes to two)
  • Israel must ensure the military does not commit acts of genocide (15 votes to two)
  • Israel must take all measures within its power to prevent or punish incitement of genocide (16 votes to one)
  • Israel must ensure humanitarian assistance to Gaza (15 votes to one)
  • Israel must prevent the destruction of allegations of acts of genocide (15 votes to two)
  • Israel shall report to the court within one month (15 votes to two)

From 8 points about ICJ ruling; victory for Gaza people – It would be the best ICJ ruling if the ICJ ordered a cease-fire in Gaza in addition to preventive actions but in the world order where the Zionist lobby and its supporters the US have lots of influence, the initial ruling of the ICJ can be considered a “great victory” for Palestine, a “strategic defeat” for the Zionist regime and an important turning point for “justice”.

The South African government described the interim ruling as a “significant milestone in the search for justice for the Palestinian people”.

In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the court’s decision not to call for a ceasefire while also criticising South Africa. “The charge of genocide levelled against (counterfeit) Israel is not only false, it’s outrageous, and decent people everywhere should reject it,” said Mr. Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the ICJ Order:

“Almost all of the major players that had anything to do with setting up or running the counterfeit Jewish/Zionist state in Israel in the Middle East were, or are, either Ashkenazis or Idumean-Edomites, who have changed their names to make themselves appear Jewish… Benjamin Netanyahu’s dad, Benzion Netanyahu, was born Benzion Mileikowsky in Warsaw, Congress Poland, which was part of the Russian Empire in 1910.” Them Which Say They Are Jews But Are NOT

“It’s now a test for the government of the people of (counterfeit) Israel as to whether they will act in a manner that says all of us must respect international law.”

ICJ (Counterfeit) Israel decision: A new world order in the making
Protesters hold a Palestinian flag as they gather outside the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Excerpts from Aljazeera, Opinion by Haidar Eid:

The World Court confirmed today that South Africa’s charge under the Genocide Convention that “(Counterfeit) Israel has engaged in, is engaging in and risks further engaging in genocidal acts against the Palestinian people in Gaza” is “plausible”. It has further ruled that (counterfeit) Israel must “take all measures” to avoid acts of genocide in Gaza. The court has stopped short of calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, which has already been demanded by an absolute majority of world nations. Still, most of the “provisional measures” called for by the Republic of South Africa have been endorsed by the court. It is difficult to see how (counterfeit) Israel can implement these measures and fulfil its obligations under the Genocide Convention, without agreeing to a ceasefire.

There is no indication, of course, that (counterfeit) Israel has any intention of heeding the Court’s provisions. In fact, since the ICJ heard South Africa’s case two weeks ago, (counterfeit) Israel has doubled down on its genocidal acts in Gaza. In the past 24 hours alone, it carried out 21 mass killings, murdering 200 and injuring 370 civilians. So (counterfeit) Israel’s message to the Court, and the world at large, is clear: It does not care for the opinion, demands or “measures” of any international institution – legal or political. It will do as it pleases.

The relentless siege, coupled with the deliberate targeting of hospitals, led to the collapse of the healthcare system… it is no surprise that the World Court has found it “plausible” that (counterfeit) Israel may be committing a genocide in Gaza. But, given its lack of interest in complying with international law – and the unconditional support it enjoys from the West – there is little reason to expect it to alter its conduct due to the court’s damning interim ruling.

As affirmed by South Africa, “Israel’s genocidal acts” must be understood “within the broader context of (counterfeit) Israel’s 75-year apartheid”. (Counterfeit) Israel has committed many violations of international law since 1948 (Matt. 24:32), including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Its apartheid regime and illegal occupation denied the most basic human rights of the Palestinians for nearly a century.

“The 2520 year old prophecy states that the British (true Israel) would be exiled from Jerusalem and the Holy Land for seven times, that is 2520 years, and that if they still walked contrary to God, which they have done, they would then be punished seven times (seven fold) more severely. That punishment meant the loss of the British Empire and wealth, being exiled again from the Holy Land in 1948, and death and defeat at Armageddon, with slavery for the survivors.”The Truth About Eretz (Greater) Israel

Since the moment of its very inception, (counterfeit) Israel worked to eliminate the indigenous population of Palestine through ethnic cleansing, apartheid, ghettoisation and segregation. And now, it is committing the very first livestreamed and globally watched genocide in human history. [Watch “1948: Creation & Catastrophe”]

With this case, South Africa has put not only (counterfeit) Israel, but the entirety of the global justice system on trial. This case is a major turning point for humanity, because it marks the first time in history when a Global South country bravely crossed a red line drawn by the colonial West and demanded its favourite settler colony, (counterfeit) Israel, be held to account for the crimes it has long been committing against an Indigenous people. Today, thanks to South Africa, the entire colonial West, and its centuries-long history of theft, dispossession, and injustice is on trial at the World Court. (Read Rev. 11:7-10)

World reacts to ICJ interim ruling in Gaza genocide case against (counterfeit) Israel

Excerpts from Aljazeera:

ICJ President Joan Donoghue noted that the court had found sufficient evidence of dispute for the genocide case and said it would not throw it out.

(Counterfeit) Israel has also been ordered to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza and has been asked to report back to the court within a month about how it is upholding the court’s orders.

Here are some global reactions:

“The ICJ judges saw through (counterfeit) Israel’s politicisation, deflection, and outright lies. They assessed the facts and the law and ordered provisional measures that recognised the gravity of the situation on the ground and the veracity of South Africa’s application,” Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyadh Maliki said.

Palestinians in Gaza said they were devastated by the court’s decision not to order (counterfeit) Israel to cease its near-four-month bombardment and ground invasion of the enclave.

The South African government called the ruling a “decisive victory” for international law and said it hoped (counterfeit) Israel would not act to frustrate the application of the court’s orders.

Hamas hailed the court’s “important” ruling, saying it “contributes to isolating (counterfeit) Israel”.

(Counterfeit) Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas”, the spokesperson told Al Jazeera, adding that “our view is that (counterfeit) Israel’s actions in Gaza cannot be described as a genocide, which is why we thought South Africa’s decision to bring the case was wrong and provocative”, a spokesperson for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said.

The Gibraltar Messenger: The ICJ is wrong when it states that counterfeit Israel has a right to self-defence, and the statement flies in the face of the UN Resolution that states that an occupying force does not have the right to self-defence.

The AshkeNAZI counterfeit state in Israel is an illegal occupying force, that has absolutely NO Biblical or historical right or claim to the Land of Israel, and therefore it has absolutely NO right to self-defence.

“We continue to believe that allegations of genocide are unfounded and note the court did not make a finding about genocide or call for a ceasefire in its ruling and that it called for the unconditional, immediate release of all hostages being held by Hamas,” a USA State Department spokesperson said.

European leaders call for (counterfeit) Israel to respect International Court of Justice orders
Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin and the EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell.

Excerpts from The Irish Times:

European countries called on (counterfeit) Israel to respect an order by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Friday, a decision greeted as a major setback for Tel Aviv and politically awkward for leaders that had criticised South Africa’s case, including in Germany, Britain and France. EU countries and institutions have been deeply divided over (counterfeit) Israel’s response to the October 7th attacks on border communities by Hamas, with some feeling a moral obligation to support (counterfeit) Israel while others are appalled by the large-scale killing of Palestinian civilians by the (counterfeit) Israel Defense Forces. In the wake of the ruling the EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, issued a short joint statement with the European Commission stating that ICJ orders were binding and the EU would expect their “full, immediate and effective implementation”. “The EU reaffirms its continuing support to the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations,” the statement read.

Analysis: The International Court of Justice ruling on the (counterfeit) Israel-Gaza war was not a knockout victory for either side

Excerpts from ABC News Australia:

It’s a judgement that both sides – (Counterfeit) Israel and South Africa – can cherrypick. Neither side has won comprehensively and both sides are claiming victory.

Both (counterfeit) Israel and South Africa are signatories to the Genocide Convention of 1948. As signatories, any ICJ ruling is binding. The ICJ does not have the power to enforce any such ruling, but it’s a big step for a country to ignore such a ruling.

South Africa is claiming this is “a decisive victory” while (counterfeit) Israel says that the ruling is a vindication that it should never have faced such a charge and that its war in Gaza is self-defence following the Hamas-led attack on October 7.

But this case has not been good for (counterfeit) Israel – for several weeks the words “Israel” and “genocide” have been used around the world, as media reported on the looming international law battle.

The most concrete of the provisional measures imposed by the ICJ relates to humanitarian aid. The ICJ made clear it wants (counterfeit) Israel to ensure a significantly larger amount of aid gets into Gaza.

Perhaps the only real change that will arise from this ICJ ruling is that (counterfeit) Israel will push much more aid through its crossing, Kerem Shalom. Another consequence is that the US, which has been encouraging (counterfeit) Israel to allow more aid in, may use the ICJ ruling to further pressure (counterfeit) Israel.

Apart from that, the war will continue, largely unaffected.

Excusing The Inexcusable: Palestinian Removal Has Always Been A Goal Of Zionist Colonialism
People pray over the bodies of the al-Hor family who are laid out in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital courtyard in Deir al-Balah

Excerpts from Black Star News:

When it comes to all too common violations of international law, regardless of the perpetrators, we should at least be able to call things what they are, rather than finding convenient distortions to legitimize ethnic cleansing and even genocidal behavior. 

Hamas and the IDF both violate humanitarian laws and rules of warfare. Slaughtering civilians is simply a war crime.

Murdering young people at a music festival is not an act of liberation. Killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians and destroying vital infrastructure with military force while also denying over two million people food, water and access to medicine has nothing to do with ‘self defense’.

The many tragic images coming out of Gaza reveal this simple truth.

Judgement Day is Coming – The State of Israel set up in the Holy Lands is a Counterfeit (Rev. 2:9). The year 1948 had biblical implications, both good and evil. True Israel will be punished for the third and last time with death and slavery for its crime of breaking God’s Covenants, Commandments, Statutes and Judgements (The Law). The punishment for the counterfeits is also on the horizon (Read Obadiah).