Gibraltar Messenger

Close Encounters of The Gibraltar Kind

(fact or fiction?)
GEBAL TARIQ – GIBRALTAR (the Rock of the ‘Night Visitant’ – in Arabic).

If you were the extra-terrestrial Ruler and ‘King of the Universe’; Who had sent information CRITICAL to the survival of human+Beings, over thousands of Earth years, in exact and minute detail, and the relatively primitive inhabitants of Planet Earth had turned parts of it into nonsensical, ritualistic religious “rites and ceremonies” so that no-one read and studied the actual information with an open-mind and without applying incorrect preconceived ideas to it anymore; how would you reach those people who deserved to SURVIVE, when the vast majority were defying you and were insanely trying to destroy themselves and the planet’s eco-system (their own “life-support” machine), in the late 20th century?

You would have to do it subtly but effectively and on a massive scale, to get maximum coverage with no political interference.

You would also have to find a way to do it that would prevent the religious organisations from being able to continue to block and hide the TRUTH so that the message would finally get through to the people.

Jesus himself told everyone repeatedly, as is quoted in the New Testament, that he is NOT FROM THIS WORLD.

I am going to give you the answer and then you can decide, whilst exercising your “Free-will”, whether to believe that I am right or wrong. The decision and the responsibility for that decision’s dire consequences, if you make the wrong decision, will be your own and no-one else’s.

Over the last forty years there have been numerous sightings of small U.F.O.s (scout-ships) above, and around the vicinity of, Gibraltar, to let the inhabitants know that they exist. The occupants of these ships have also come to check out the Rock, ready for when the “Mother-ship” (the New Jerusalem) arrives, as written in the Bible and Koranic Prophecy and as depicted in the famous Steven Spielberg film, called ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.

The Ruler of the Universe, Whom the primitive people here on Earth call God, during that same forty year period, picked a young boy and slowly and carefully trained him, without his being aware of it, to be the best film-maker on Earth.

Then, when the boy had become a man and had completed the necessary training and was ready for the task, The Ruler of the Universe gave him the plot for a film that He Himself wanted to be made for Him and He did it, by telepathy, so that the film-maker would be unaware of what was happening to him and would think that the story and film-plot had both come from his own imagination.

If it had been done with the film-maker being aware of where the information had come from and if he had then tried to explain it to people, in order to persuade them to help him, the people would have branded him as a lunatic and the film would never have been made.

The film; U.F.O.s and Bible Prophecy (which was given to the Prophets by extra-terrestrials – “angels” and their King – God) are very closely linked concerning Gibraltar, as I hope you will be able to “see”, as I very briefly unfold some relevant parts of the story.

At the very beginning of the film we are given a subtle link between the film and Gibraltar when the people are speaking in both English and Spanish as most Gibraltarians do. Then there is another clue with a scene showing a close-up of a toy monkey.

Gibraltar is world-famous for its monkeys and toy monkeys are sold to tourists by many of Gibraltar’s shops.

Early on in the film we are given a link between U.F.O.s and the Bible, as U.F.O.s cut off electrical-power whilst the film “The Ten Commandments” is being shown, with the sound-track from the film “Exodus” playing, instead of the correct sound-track, on Mr. Neary’s television-set.

Here we are given the link and are shown, if we want to “see”, that it was a spaceship that gave Moses “The Ten Commandments” and the scene is described, in detail, in the Biblical Book of Exodus.

“Space-ship”; The Ten Commandments; Exodus?

Ask yourself what would be the odds against the film-maker choosing, out of millions of alternatives, to use the film “The Ten Commandments” and then to put the sound-track from a DIFFERENT film – “Exodus”, in a film about space-ships???? The odds would be a number so large that it would be incalculable and have so many zeroes after it that it would go right round the world several times.

Yet it happened in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, and it happened to show people the TRUTH that the Bible is about The Code and Rules for “Life” given to Earthlings by super-intelligent, extra-terrestrial Beings, so that human+Beings could Live happily and survive IF they followed those rules.

If you read Exodus in the Bible with a non-religious, analytical perspective you could “see”, “unless you want to be blind”, that Moses went up Mount Horeb in Sinai to meet a space-ship, hidden inside a “smoke-screen”.

You could then easily compare the description, in the Bible Book of Exodus, which tells us about the “Fire in the sky by night” and its thunder and lightnings, with the sound and visual effects in the film “Close Encounters” and then you would definitely see the link and hopefully accept the TRUTH that I am telling you.

Once Moses had received the “Tablets of Stone” and also the FIVE Books containing The Covenant and “The Royal Laws of Liberty”, and the twelve tribes of Israel had sworn to keep His Laws and ONLY His Laws for EVER, God’s space-ship moved off the top of the mountain and led approximately 3,000,000 people through the wilderness for forty years, and it provided them with everything that they needed to survive and it also prevented their shoes and clothes from wearing-out.

The fire and smoke could not possibly have been from a volcano; volcanoes don’t move, and a spiritual-being does not make “thunder and lightnings” (like in “Close Encounters”), “strange noises and great heat, etc.”, and remember that people in the film were burned by the U.F.O.

Mr. Neary (played by Richard Dreyfuss) has a shape planted in his mind and the very first awareness that he has of this fact is, in his bathroom, when he sprays shaving-foam onto his hand.

Shaving foam and Rock of Gibraltar

If you “freeze-frame” the shaving-foam on your television-screen and bear in mind that it is shaving-foam and not a sculpture, so there will be no sharp edges or straight lines, you could see that it is the same shape as Gibraltar, from North Front to the cable-car, if viewed from the North-West aerially, at a 3/4 elevation, which is the direction that is mentioned later in the film.

If you want to get the best view of Gibraltar in order to be able to do a comparison, and do not have your own helicopter, then the Rock from North Front to the cable-car can best be viewed from the top of the Pier-office steps, in Marina Bay, but please be polite about it.

The second realization he has of the implanted shape is just after he hears that he has lost his job, when he looks at a pillow and that particular shape is of a different angle of Gibraltar, looking at it from the North.

Mr. Neary makes a plasticene model and later on pulls the top off it, falling backwards in the process. The camera then pans slowly forwards in onto the model, and you are given a perfect “close-up” of the face of the plasticene model of the rock.

Why are we given this particular shot and
why is it in close-up?

If you “freeze-frame” the image just as the camera clears the top of the ridge, you see the North-face of the model (and you have to be very quick). There on the North-face you can see holes just like the cannon battery-emplacement holes in the North-face of the Rock of Gibraltar which are/were known as the galleries, including the extra large hole which is called “Jock’s Balcony”. All of which can be visited by the public and tourists.

The rock called “Devil’s Tower” in Wyoming; which was named by early settlers who went from Gibraltar to America, saw the rock in Wyoming and its resemblance and named it after the original one called Gibraltar; has no holes in the Northern-face but THE “Devil’s Tower” (Gibraltar) does have gun-emplacement holes, that helped to get it the name “Devil’s Tower” (the road which runs along the bottom of the North face of Gibraltar is still called “Devil’s Tower Road”, today), just like the row of cannons earned “Devil’s Tongue” its name too, and the same goes for “Devil’s Gap”, all of which are in Gibraltar NOT in Wyoming.

Gibraltar was called “Devil’s Tower”, because, whenever it was under attack and the attackers were looking up at it, they saw it with deadly flames coming out of it and their colleagues, alongside them, dropping down dead or injured. They also saw people running about on the Rock in scarlet-coloured uniforms, stoking those devilishly murderous fires, and looking, from a distance, like red devils. Scarlet-red is the Devil’s colour, as Christ tells us in the Bible in the Book of Revelation chapter 12 v 3 (Rev. 12:3) and chapter 17 v 3 (Rev. 17:3).

The Fortress of Rock” (Gibraltar) is referred to in the Book of Isaiah (dictated to Isaiah by God and His extra-terrestrial “angels”) as being the “place of defence” for “the righteous” where their waters will be sure and bread (“manna” from the space-ship like in Exodus?) shall be given to them and where they shall see the King and the land far off – Israel (Isa. 33:16 & Isa. 33:17) once cleared of its present inhabitants (by “The Reaping”) and restored to the way it was in “The Beginning” – (the Land flowing with “Milk and Honey”).

Gibraltar has reservoirs of fresh-water underneath it and inside the Rock are some which are yet to be located and outside it has desalination-plants to make fresh drinking-water from the surrounding sea-water. God said, “Their waters will be sure.”

The British military have also stock-piled food under the Rock for emergency use in a seige.

Also in the Book of Isaiah we are told that the King will collect His sons and daughters from the four corners of the Earth in order to defend them in Gibraltar (“The Fortress of Rock”) and will help the right people to get there (Isaiah 43:4-12).

Please read Isaiah and Exodus etc. and The Torah (Pentateuch), which contains the terms of The Covenant, with new, and better eyes, not “blinded” by organised religions and “see” the TRUTH long hidden there.

Gibraltar – “The Fortress of Rock” is the collection-point where “the righteous” shall be gathered together to the King – “unto Shiloh (Christ) shall the gathering of the people be” – Gen. 49:10 and they will learn, on the Rock, the “New Song” – Isa. 42:10 and Isa. 42:11 – the new “Way of Life” under The Covenant and its Laws and Economic-system which are designed to prevent poverty and the subsequent crime that is caused by deprivation.

Only those people who WANT to Live by and therefore to fulfill the terms of the Old and New Covenants – which are collectively known as the “New Song, and are willing to give up everything to do so, will be allowed on the ship and to SURVIVE, as Christ says very clearly in his Book of Revelation in chapter 14 v 3 (Rev. 14:3) and chapter 15 v 3 (Rev. 15:3), which is also the same Book that describes the City called “New Jerusalemcoming down out of the sky in chapter 21 v 2 (Rev. 21:2) to pick up ONLY “the Chosen” or “Elect”, as happened to Mr. Neary in the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and to absolutely no-one who is NOT one of the extremely few who are the “Chosen” or “Elect”.

The army major (and Gibraltar is a military garrison), Major Walsh makes a very explicit and clear statement that he, “needs a story, so scary, that it will clear three hundred square miles of every, Living, CHRISTIAN, soul.”

Why does he use exactly those words and speak them so that they can be heard perfectly clearly, and I do mean PERFECTLY clearly? In fact more clearly than any other words are spoken, by anyone, in the entire film.

It was done to tell you where to look for the information about the space-ship, which is the size of a city, coming down out of the sky, just like it happens in the Steven Spielberg film and he himself, ironically, is not a christian.

So why would he, not being a christian, choose these words other than by being telepathically told to do so?

The Christian Book is The New Testament, which should really be called The New Covenant and that is where, in the Book of Revelation chapter 21 v 2 (Rev. 21:2), as I have already quoted above, it tells you that the “New Jerusalem” is a City that comes down out of the sky.

“And I John saw the Holy City, “New Jerusalem”, coming DOWN from God OUT OF HEAVEN, prepared as a Bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the Tabernacle of God [is] with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself shall be with them, [and be] their God.”

Rev. 21:4-7
21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.
21:5 And He that sat upon the Throne said, Behold, I make all things NEW. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are TRUE AND FAITHFUL.
21:6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the Water of Life freely.
21:7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my (adopted) son.

In the film “Close Encounters”, as the mother-ship comes down over the Rock, three different people, in three different locations, (three times) to make absolutely sure that everyone has the opportunity to take notice, they say, “My God.”, which of course He is.

Rev. 20:15 “And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life (not “Chosen”) was cast into the lake of ‘Fire’.”
Rev. 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and ALL LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with Fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Copyright © 1997 – JAH – all rights reserved

The ONLY Way you will be able to get on the ship and “Survive” is by keeping The Covenant and reading; digesting and Living “The Way home or face The Fire”, available from this author – JAH.

I could easily have gone into much more detail but have limited this to being a small booklet because those people who want to “see” will already have seen and those who do not want to see “will not believe even though One should return from the dead.

And One has returned from the dead – JAH.

This article has been on JAHTruth for decades. Are you getting the picture now?

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