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Who Profits From The Ukraine Crisis?

PART 1 – Recently, European officials accused the U.S. of profiteering from the Ukraine Crisis. An article by Drago Bosnic, published on Southfront, about this news is Part 1.

However, it should be noted that it is the Military Industrial Complex that is the big winner; and not everyday Americans as a whole, because while war drives the economy; heavy “package” burdens are laid on the taxpayers. Also not mentioned by the European officials is the European countries,  companies and individuals profitting.

PART 2 – This article ends with 10 proofs – excerpts – to prove the Military Industrial Complex corporations are real profiteers.

PART 1 – EU Accuses US Of Profiteering From Ukraine Crisis

by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

“The fact is, if you look at it soberly, the country that is most profiting from this war is the US because they are selling more gas and at higher prices, and because they are selling more weapons.”
Top Senior European Official told POLITICO

When talking about the political West, one of the most common misconceptions is that the thalassocratic power pole is a giant geopolitical monolith with a near-constant consensus on all matters. One of the pillars of the political West’s power is creating an illusion that precisely this is the case. By creating a semblance of uniformity on various questions, both internal (so-called “shared values”) and external (unified foreign policy framework), the political West is trying to hold everyone in line while also projecting the “right way” to the rest of the world. However, the power pole (primarily composed of the United States and European Union) has increasingly serious issues promoting its version of reality.

One of the most prominent indicators of diverging interests within the political West is the Ukraine crisis. Back in 2014, when the US-orchestrated coup brought the Neo-Nazi junta to power in Kiev, Victoria Nuland, then serving as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, famously (or rather infamously) used a common profanity to show how the US feels about the EU. It seems the bloc, although hardly innocent, as it took part in nearly every single US aggression against the world, is now slowly shifting toward a more independent position. Naturally, this process isn’t part of some selfless reckoning in Brussels, but a simple matter of basic interests and desire for self-preservation. It seems the EU is realizing that the damage it’s suffering from the failed siege of Russia is inversely proportional to what the US is experiencing.

There is growing frustration in the EU over America’s repeated rejections to push the Kiev regime to the negotiating table, especially as an unprecedented amount of weapons and munitions enter the country, risking a possible world-ending escalation. In addition, EU populace continues being at the forefront of economic shockwaves resulting from the failed sanctions war. As winter temperatures kick in, the ongoing energy supply crisis is bound to get worse, putting additional pressure on EU economies. All the while, many European leaders, sitting comfortaby in their mansions, are parroting the same party line about the mythical “solidarity with Ukrainians” that the regular Europeans are apparently supposed to conduct through self-imposed bankruptcy and freezing to death.

All of this is creating political pressure on most EU governments, many of which have already fallen. And yet, some analysts see the hand of Vladimir Putin behind all troubles, instead of focusing on the very real shortcomings of their own system. According to Politico, “nine months after invading Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is beginning to fracture the West.” This somewhat surprising admission stands in stark contrast to the recent mainstream propaganda machine’s cheerleading. “Top European officials are furious with Joe Biden’s administration and now accuse the Americans of making a fortune from the war, while EU countries suffer,” the analysis by Politico reads.

To add insult to injury, the Biden administration continues rolling out various controversial “green” subsidies and taxes, all of which are extremely damaging to EU industries at a time when the Old Continent is being ravaged by the sanctions boomerang, in addition to the largely forgotten (but still hardly irrelevant) fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement for Politico, an unnamed senior EU official also criticized the US policy of effectively using the Ukrainian crisis to fill the coffers of its Military Industrial Complex, while also turning a blind eye to European pleas for a peaceful resolution.

“We are really at a historic juncture,” arguing that “the double hit of trade disruption from the aforementioned US subsidies and high energy prices risks turning public opinion against both the war effort and the transatlantic alliance. America needs to realize that public opinion is shifting in many EU countries,” the official concluded.”
Top Senior European Official told POLITICO

And yet, the US National Security Council keeps insisting that the crisis is solely Russia’s fault. At the same time, Washington DC is quite content with the massive windfall its natural gas industry is experiencing, while also presenting the exorbitantly priced LNG deliveries to the EU as some “purely altruistic” endeavor aimed at “diversifying away from Russia.” Even the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who is anything but sympathetic to Russia, is now showing frustration and questioning the concept of a “united front to help Ukraine,” acknowledging to Politico, “Americans — our friends — take decisions which have an economic impact on us.”

Other senior EU officials have also become more outspoken of this glaring hypocrisy. “The United States sells us its gas with a multiplier effect of four when it crosses the Atlantic,” European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton said on November 23 during an interview on French TV. “Of course the Americans are our allies… but when something goes wrong it is necessary also between allies to say it,” Breton concluded.

According to the Politico report, another EU diplomat stated that the $369 billion industrial subsidy scheme the Biden administration earmarked “to support green industries” as part of the Inflation Reduction Act “unleashed panic” across European capitals. “The Inflation Reduction Act has changed everything,” the EU diplomat said. “Is Washington DC still our ally or not?” he asked.

Source: Southfront – EU Accuses US Of Profiteering From Ukraine Crisis

PART 2 – 10 Proofs of Who is Profitting

1 – The defense industry will profit from war in Ukraine – with your money

For Christians and all those who try to adhere to a philosophy of loving enemies as well as friends, the weapons industry is one of those devils hiding in plain sight in our industrial sector, in the middle of the same supply chains that get us our laptops, Playstations and hybrid cars. The corporate defense industry is us, or at least it is U.S. taxpayers. It is receiving $768 billion, or over 10 percent of the federal budget, in 2022. Apart from its individual members, the European Union, which has long trumpeted its “soft power,” is also spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy weapons for Ukrainian forces.

2 – The Military-Industrial-Complex’s Big Break in Ukraine

Previously, the Biden administration has used the Presidential Drawdown Authority to bankroll a series of other aid packages, such as a $400 million package. In a given fiscal year it is typically $100 million, meant to be used when unforeseen issues important to national security arise and the U.S. has to act quickly. But in the May 2022 supplemental appropriations bill to support Ukraine, Congress decided to increase that $100 million cap 110 times to $11 billion. Opting for an aid package that falls outside of the Presidential Drawdown Authority by going straight to contractors rather than relying on the U.S. military’s current stockpiles “will allow Ukraine to acquire air defense systems, artillery systems and munitions, counter-unmanned aerial systems, and radars to ensure it can continue to defend itself over the long term,” Biden said. The president’s words were a sweet sound to the military-industrial complex that profits off of the idea that the United States can rid the world of all injustice given enough bombs and bullets.

3 – The Ukraine War Means Arms Sales Are Booming

A report from Reuters revealed on Thursday how the Eastern European arms industry is producing artillery shells, guns, and other kinds of military equipment at a rate not seen since the Cold War. The report reveals how Poland and the Czech Republic are also supplying Ukraine with substantial military aid, coming third and fourth behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

4 – Who wins a war? It’s always the military-industrial complex

Finance and Sell Weaponry, Forment Conflicts and Finance Both Sides, War Destruction, Finance Rebuilding. Endless War equals Endless Debt
From Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect

Wars are never good for nations as there are no clear winners and losers. Both sides suffer in terms of economic losses, increased defence budgets, militarisation of society and polity, volatile civil-military relations and set back to democratic projects. This applies to the ongoing Russia – Ukraine War as well! Russia may emerge as the victorious side and a feared military power in neighbourhood. However, as in past, the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) in different countries, including Russia and Ukraine, would reap huge commercial benefits, both during and in the ravaged aftermath of the war and emerge as decisive winners. Surprisingly, the domestic MICs in Russia and Ukraine have also declined in recent times, making them look towards revival opportunities. Similarly, Ukraine was a lead arms exporter during 2011-15 period, accounting for 2.6 per cent of global arms exports. This, however, came down sharply to 0.9 per cent during 2016-20 period. Was there a tussle between Russian MIC and its Ukraine counterpart?

5 – US Admits It Was Never About Ukraine, Taxpayers Shell Out Billions to Prop Up Military Industrial Complex

The war in Ukraine has never been just about Ukraine. It has always been “bigger than Ukraine” and about US principles that are bigger than Ukraine and “in many ways bigger than Russia.” The US and UK again pressured Ukraine not to pursue their own goals and sign an agreement that could have ended the war.

6 – Military-industrial complex, the ultimate beneficiary of Ukraine conflict arms supply

Companies in this MIC circle are ultimately owned by the same people. These companies own shares in one another in a way that doesn’t even look illegal (as legal as it may be). The shareholders of this Lockheed include the following investors; BlackRock Inc, Vanguard Group. But then who owns BlackRock? The shareholders of Blackrock include Vanguard Group. Well, who owns Vanguard Group you ask? The shareholders of Vanguard group include Blackrock Inc. Quite a matrix. While Ukraine continues to be turned into a wasteland, the continuation of war is profitable to the companies that manufacture weapons for the US, the UK and even Poland, who have been active in this direction. 

7 – Who Really Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Boeing Company, Raytheon Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Leidos Holdings, Inc., Huntington Ingalls Industries, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., United Technologies Corporation, BAE Systems PLC, SAIC, McKesson Corporation, Bechtel Group Inc., Veritas Capital Fund, Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation.

8 – US Military-Industrial Complex: Profiting from War

The largest defense corporations are also based in the United States. In arming the US, the so-called “Globocop,” corporations derive the most benefit because they are lavished with billions to come up with lethal weapons, surveillance equipment, tanks, submarines, ships and airplanes designed for a seemingly never-ending war. The Department of Defense (DoD), together with the top defense corporations – or what is known as the “military-industrial complex” – controls the largest coordinated bloc of industry in the US. Companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing have realized that the only way to expand their exports beyond present levels is to open up new markets.

9 – Black money behind war: How the US military-industrial complex has thrived after attacks in Middle East

The American independent think tank Security Policy Reform Institute (SPRI) recently released a list of the top beneficiaries from the Afghanistan War, which includes well-known US military contractors like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing and Northrop Grumman. The AMIC has profoundly shaped American politics. Its main policy orientation and driving force is to encourage the US to repeatedly engage in foreign wars to profit from them and launch the next round of attacks. Waging bloody wars is the motivation of the US military-industrial complex to survive, which is also doomed to lead to more instability and chaos in the world. Taxpayers in the US were exploited financially by the government’s immense military expenses.

10 – (The Bonus) Here’s How Ukraine’s Corrupt Elites Are Profiting from The Conflict

While Ukraine has undergone a general mobilization affecting all men under the age of 60, many former and current high-ranking officials, politicians, businessmen, and oligarchs have moved to safety abroad – mainly to the EU. Some Western benefactors have recently noticed that most of the military and humanitarian aid never reaches Ukraine’s army or ordinary citizens. Ukrainian MPs recently gave themselves a 70% pay raise. The author of the piece argues that billions of dollars from the US and the EU have been diverted. And enormous cash flows from Western countries are continuously used by corrupt Ukrainian officials for personal enrichment and to acquire luxury goods.

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