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Russia Starts To Fight For-Real: Overview Of Strikes In Ukraine

From South Front – On October 10, the explosions thundered in almost all Ukrainian regions. First attacks were confirmed by authorities in Kiev, and later in other regions. All major cities of Ukraine were hit by the strikes. The escalation followed the explosion on the Crimean Bridge. The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the attack on the bridge which claimed lives of three Russian citizens was “a terrorist attack aimed at destroying the critical civilian infrastructure of the Russian Federation and its authors, performers, customers are the special services of Ukraine.”

The Russian military launched strikes using X-101 and Kalibr cruise missiles, as well as Geranium-2 suicude drones. Victims were reported.

So far, explosions were reported in Kiev, Rovno, Lvov, Ternopol, Ivano-Frankovsk, Khmelnitsky, Zhitomir, Kremenchug, Kropivnitsky, Krivoy-Rog, Odessa, Zaporozhie, Dnieper, Poltava, Kharkov and other smaller towns of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian side, the numbers of the strikes are the following:

  • 60  in Kiev region;
  • 20 in Kharkov region;
  • 47 in Nikolaev region;
  • 15 in Lvov region;
  • 27 in Vinnytsia region;
  • 15 in Odessa region.

The main targets of the strikes:

  • SBU Headquarters in Kiev;
  • CHP-5 in Kiev;
  • CHP-6 in Kiev;
  •  Lviv TPP;
  • Burshtyn TPP in Ivano-Frankivsk region;
  • EU Advisory Mission in Kiev;
  • Department of Law Enforcement Agencies in Kiev.

11 important infrastructure facilities were damaged in eight regions of Ukraine and Kiev, some areas were de-energized, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said.

Strategic infrastructure facilities were damaged in almost all regions of Ukraine. There is no electricity, water and Internet in several large cities. Eastern Ukraine was most affected by the attacks as these regions were already using backup energy lines after the main lines were hit earlier. Western Ukraine has also suffered critical infrastructure damage, but continues to operate on backup lines from Poland. Thermal power plants and main enterprises of many cities are damaged, the Ukrainian air defense system is overloaded.

There are no electricity in Lvov, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky, Poltava, Ternopol, Lutsk, Rovno, Ivano-Frankovsk.

Ukrainian railways reported damage to the contact network, which may cause delays of western trains. The country’s railway stations operate normally.

Russian Ministry of Defense: Today, a massive strike was carried out with high-precision long-range weapons “on the objects of the military control, communications and energy systems of Ukraine.” The goal of the strike has been achieved, all designated facilities have been hit, the agency said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: “The Kiev regime has put itself on a par with international terrorist organizations. Leaving this unanswered is impossible. At the suggestion of the Ministry of Defense, a massive blow was inflicted on energy, military support and communications facilities.”

In the capital of Ukraine, Russian strikes hit several districts of the city. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed several explosions in the Shevchenko district in the city center. One of the rockets hit Vladimirskaya Street, where the headquarters of the Security Service of Ukraine is located. The office of Vladimir Zelensky is located nearby.

It is reported that one of the strikes hit Hrushevsky Street where the governmental quarter is located. The reports are yet to be confirmed. Ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva claimed that one of the strikes hit the base and headquarters of the Nazi regiment Azov in Kiev. Another targets are the “Klitschko Bridge” and 101 Tower Business Center. Another strike damaged a thermal power plant in the Ukrainian capital. Damage was also reported to the Kiev railway station.

According to the head of the regional administration Alexey Kuleba, “strikes on energy infrastructure facilities” were reported in at least three districts of the Kiev region.

Residents of the city were asked to go to shelters, the central streets are blocked by law enforcement officers. Residents of the region were asked not to come to the capital without urgent need. The metro is stopped and is used as a shelter.

In the Lvov region, the authorities recorded strikes on energy infrastructure facilities. According to the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovyi, an explosion was recorded in the city at a critical infrastructure facility, there are interruptions with mobile communications in the city, part of the city was left without electricity, and therefore the city’s thermal power plants are not working.

Lviv thermal power plant after rocket attack:

Large explosions thundered the city of Dnipro. Missiles hit the building of a local factory. Local residents reported at least five explosions.

In the Kharkov region, the city of Kharkov was completely de-energized, a critical infrastructure facility was damaged there. Kharkiv metro and ground transport are temporarily closed. The similar reports come from other regions.

In Krivoy Rog, the largest thermal power plant was damaged as well. It means the atop of the most important metallurgical plant Krivorozhstal in Ukraine. The unique steels produced at the plant are vital for France as they are used to repair nuclear power plants that are on the verge of closure. The interests of Canada were also affected. The Black Iron company has been planning to develop the Shimanovskoye field since 2020. The pro-British part of the Indian elite was also affected. The plant belongs to the Arcelor Mittal group of companies.

In case of continuation of attempts of terrorist attacks on the territory of Russia, the  responses will be tough, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with members of the Security Council.

“If attempts to carry out terrorist attacks on our territory continue, Russia’s responses will be tough and will correspond in scale to the level of threats posed to Russia. No one should have any doubts,” the head of state said.

Source: South Front – Russia Starts To Fight For-Real: Overview Of Strikes In Ukraine

Central Kiev hit by missile strikes

From RT – Russian missiles struck multiple targets in central Kiev on Monday morning, Mayor Vitaly Klitschko wrote on his Telegram channel. He urged residents to seek shelter and avoid traveling to the capital. Klitschko said that the city’s “critical infrastructure” has been hit.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the interior minister, said that a missile struck Vladimirskaya Street, where the main office of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is based.

Gerashchenko shared videos on Telegram showing clouds of smoke rising above the skyline, and said that several civilian vehicles were destroyed.

The adviser added that subway services has been partially suspended in Kiev, and all underground stations are now serving as shelters. 

Gerashchenko later said that five civilians were killed and 12 injured in the capital.

Strikes were also reported in the eastern city of Dnepr, and explosions in Lviv, western Ukraine. The national railway operator warned that some trains could be delayed due to the damage to the tracks.

In a post on his Telegram channel, President Vladimir Zelensky confirmed that there had been missile strikes across Ukraine. “Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded,” he wrote.

The reported strikes come after Moscow accused Ukraine’s security services of orchestrating the truck bombing that damaged the Crimean Bridge, which connects the peninsula with mainland Russia, on Saturday. At least three people were killed in the attack, the authorities said.

Ukraine has neither confirmed nor denied involvement. However, several high-ranking officials and government agencies openly celebrated the bombing.

Source: RT – Central Kiev hit by missile strikes {Via Cubasi}

Putin confirmed Launching Massive Strikes on Ukrainian Energy, Military Infrastructure after the Crimean Bridge Explosion

From Veterans Today – He confirmed that Russian forces had carried out a “massive strike with long-range precision weapons on Ukrainian objects of energy, and military control and communications.” The attack came two days after a bomb damaged the strategic Crimean Bridge, which Moscow called a Ukrainian terrorist attack.

“If there are further attempts to conduct terrorist attacks on our soil, Russia will respond firmly and on a scale corresponding to the threats created against Russia,” Putin added.

“The Kiev regime has been using terrorist methods for a very long time,” the Russian president said, citing targeted assassinations of public figures, the indiscriminate shelling of Donbass cities and of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant as examples of such actions.

“De facto, the Kiev regime has put itself on par with international terrorist groups, the most odious of them. Leaving such crimes without a response has become impossible,” he stressed, before confirming that Russia had attacked Ukrainian infrastructure.

Source: Veterans Today – Putin confirmed Launching Massive Strikes

DGTV – Meanwhile, a Russian crowd marched through Moscow openly chanting, “Nuke Washington”.

DGTV – Russia responds to Crimean bridge explosion

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