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Fascinating Times . . . And a government at war with present time reality

Fascinating Times . . .

“We live in fascinating times, in which the emperor has somehow lost his clothes and cavorts naked before us.

Eventually the penny will drop that we see him. In the meantime, it is quite something to witness the spectacle of a government evidently going insane in front of our eyes.

Whether they are motivated by subversive intent, or simply driven by mind-boggling stupidity, we yet find ourselves governed by a clique whose hidden allegiances have yet to be fully revealed.

But the LEGAL removal of them from positions from which to wreak havoc upon the nation has become our patriotic duty.”

Forget LEGAL and replace it with God’s LAWFUL removal of them from positions from which to wreak havoc, as they have already done and are hell-bent on continuing to do so, to the maximum in their worsening insanity.