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DGTV – For people who want The Truth, NOT propaganda (Govt. lies)

Since being created three weeks ago, DGTV has surpassed 10,000 views.

Want to watch news or stories not necessarily featured on the controlled and censored GBC? Check out DGTV on Bitchute.

Defending-Gibraltar Truther Videos Channel

Due to YouTube’s censorship of relevant news and truth being revealed by brave whistle blowers and truthers, this channel was created to be a bastion of truth for our forum site.

This channel – now being dubbed DGTV – also contains videos that support posts featured on this Gibraltar Messenger website.

Truthers visit both Gibraltar Messenger (GM) and Defending-Gibraltar (DG) sites to find news, keep current on what’s happening in this crazy world, and to share items relevant to Gibraltar and the prophetic “End Times”.

The purpose of this channel is to catalogue/feature videos posted by users on Defending-Gibraltar, in order to preserve what is shared on the forum that might otherwise be deleted by YouTube, and made “unavailable” to view.

Note: Not all videos posted on DG will be featured on the channel. It is at the discretion of the channel administrator. Nor do all featured videos represent views or opinions of Gibraltar Messenger.

DGTV is now featured on Gibraltar Messenger’s Video Page.