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Boris Goes Full Fascist Against Lockdown Protests – But Not BLM or XR

How much braver, more confident — and aggressive! — the police look than their hapless colleagues caught on camera in June fleeing from a BLM demonstration, pursued by a jeering mob chanting ‘Run, Piggy! Run!’

Boris Goes Full Fascist Against Lockdown Protests – But Not BLM or XR968 (The Truthseeker)

Some people are saying what is now obvious: that the police have become politicised. However, that is something they have ALWAYS been, as their name clearly states – Police Force, i.e. politicians’ POLICEy enFORCErs.

They do not enforce The Law/God’s Perfect Law of Liberty: they enforce government politicians’ fraudulent policies of protecting and enriching themselves and their rich sponsors AGAINST the Law-abiding public, as is becoming clearer daily by their aggressive actions against peaceful protesters. People are protesting against policies designed to control and impoverish the masses, whilst enriching the people who own the banks, corporations and pharmaceutical industry, and reducing the population of poor useless-eaters whose jobs are no longer needed, because of computers and automation. THEY sold you the lie that paying taxes to develop computers and automation would be to your benefit, because machines would do all the work, leaving you all free to play golf and other sports and relax in comfort, whilst the machines earned all of the money for you, because politicians are professional liars and con-men.

Wake-up and see the politicians and police for what they really are: criminals, working for the rich, against you. The police is a corporation trading for profit, and so are the courts, so they have to attack and create violence and arrest people so they can fine them to help pay their wages. That’s why they attack and arrest peaceful protesters.

Why do you think THEY fraudulently legislated the UK Firearms Act in 1968: legislation prohibited by God’s Law that states every man must have a weapon and be skilled in its use? It was to disarm you so that THEY could oppress, enslave and genocide you with vaccines and 5G, with no one able to fight back, because THEY and their policy-enforcers and military are the only ones who have guns, thus leaving you defenceless against them.

The Sleeper MUST awaken.

THEY = The Hierarchy Enslaving You.