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The Scriptural Marks of True Israel

There are at least 95 Scriptural “birth-marks” describing the TRUE people Israel, by which to identify them during the latter days. Since ALL Bible prophecy concerns Israel, it’s critically important to be able to positively identify them; otherwise the prophecies are impossible to understand.

The Scriptural Marks of Christ

There seems to be a huge disconnect between popular beliefs concerning Christ’s Second Coming and what the Scriptures actually say about it. That has led to a lot of unnecessary confusion, thanks to the churches and their leaders being the false christs (and religious teachers) and false prophets.

Beyond The Honour’s List

COVER LETTER: Dear David Steel – This short letter will be about a special untypical nomination suggestion for Gibraltar, associated with Elizabeth’s Honours List, which with respect, would be unique, and earth-shattering, should the following suggestion be embraced by both you and Elizabeth.

Picardo Admits To “Waste and Abuse” Whilst GSLP-Liberal Hypocrisy Continues

[Reply to Robert Vasquez’s post: Picardo Admits to ‘Waste and Abuse’ Whilst GSLP-Liberal Hypocrisy Continues] Dear Robert, We hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day. Having just read your excellent criticism of Der Fuehrer Picardo and his cohorts in crime, and agreeing with you on what you wrote, the …

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