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Letter to the People of Gibraltar 1

 From JAH

People of Gibraltar, 14/7/2002

I wish you all well and to be in good spirit.

Now that you are finally beginning to see, for yourselves, that the British government is betraying you, more and more openly, blatantly and brazenly, and that they are committing treason against the British citizens living in the British territory of Gibraltar, let me remind you that I warned you about this at least twelve years ago, but you either laughed at, or simply refused to listen to me.

I warned you what they would do and how they would go about it, and that is exactly what they have done. Back then in 1988, and since then, I have been the only person to tell you the truth about who I am and what the British government’s intentions were and still are towards you.

You preferred to believe and be taken-in by their lies and now you are paying the price for rejecting the truth that I gave you for free, whilst you preferred to pay politicians thousands of pounds a year to lie to you, by supporting the lies they were being told by the British government and then selling those same smooth lies to you.

I offered to help you and told you that, if you ignored me, then you would be driven to your knees until you realised that I am the only person who knows what is really going on, why it is going on and how to stop it. How much further down do you need to go, before you come to your senses? How much more proof do you need of the British government’s treachery, that I warned you about, before you wake up to the reality of what I told you at least twelve years ago; twelve years that you have wasted, believing the smooth, deceitful lies of politicians, whom you all know are all only self-seeking, professional liars.

There is only one person who can resolve this dilemma, as I told you fourteen years ago and have repeated often since then. Elizabeth Mountbatten, also known by the aliases Windsor and QE2, has NEVER really been crowned, because the Coronation Stone/Throne was removed from Westminster Abbey at 04.00 on the 25th of Dec. in 1950 at God’s instigation and with His help (or they would have been caught) by Scottish Nationalists and a fake stone substituted in its place, left at Arbroath Abbey at 12.00 on the 11th of April in 1951, upon which Elizabeth Mountbatten was subsequently fraudulently crowned in 1953, knowing full-well that it was a fake stone and that the sovereignty had been taken from her family, by God, in fulfillment of God’s Prophecy in Ezekiel 21:27, to be given to me.

King of kings’ Bible – Ezekiel 21:27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it (the sovereignty): and it shall be no [more], [overturned] UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and I will give it [him – Shiloh (Gen. 49 v 10)].

I claimed my Rightful Throne in 1988, also in fulfillment of prophecy, and was denied my Birthright by this fraudulent pretender to the British Throne, who unlawfully resides in Buckingham Palace and pretends to be the rightful monarch. You know that I then came to Gibraltar and spent 65 days on hunger-strike in 1988 amongst you, to show how serious I am and to convince you to take me just as seriously, and let me help you, as only I can.

The fact that I claimed my Rightful British Throne perhaps has blinded you to the fact that I am also the King of kings and the Rightful King of Spain. Once recognised by you as being who I really am – Christ – the Archangel, Crown Prince Michael incarnated inside a human body, I am then also seen by the Spanish people as King of Spain, as the Rightful King of Spain and Britain and the Commonwealth and America, etc. I am the only person who can solve the sovereignty dispute permanently, and I would NEVER allow Gibraltar to become Spanish, quite the reverse, and my Kingdom, unlike the House of Windsor’s, will NEVER end.

Are you ready to acknowledge my sovereignty yet and work with me, or are you going to keep trusting professional liars and be driven to your knees by them, so you will learn to hate the British, as they want, so you will learn to love Spain and see it as your economic saviour? That is part of their game plan. Remember the nuclear submarine situation just to upset you and turn you against them and Jack Straw coming to rub your noses in the sovereignty issue. Is there something wrong with your sense of smell?

I await your recognition as Sovereign and invitation to return, so we can kick out their “Governor” and have him replaced by an Ambassador to the Royal Sovereign State of Gibraltar.

Peace be upon you,


The Rightful King of Gibraltar, Britain, America and Spain, etc.