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I took a LIBERAL, ANTI WAR Protester to see the truth in Donbass, and THIS Happened!

A video by John Mark Dougan. He took Maria to the front lines of the war in Donbass to see things for herself. This is an interview you must see to believe.
by | September 6, 2022

Billy Graham – The British Crown and Christ

When the Archbishop of Canterbury placed the crown on Elizabeth’s head, he said she could wear it UNTIL HE WHO DESERVES THE RIGHT TO WEAR IT RETURNS – This is a part of the history of Britain. It's also a part of prophecy.
by | September 1, 2022

Public Service Announcement about Christ as King and Governor

This could be a game-changer in the battle of good vs evil. Watch this short video presentation about why Gibraltar and the world need to recognize Christ as King and Governor.
by | August 25, 2022

These Little Ones

This video about the dark underworld of child sex trafficking must go viral. "These Little Ones" reveals the satanic ritual abuse perpetrated by the elites.
by | August 12, 2022

DGTV – For people who want The Truth, NOT propaganda (Govt. lies)

Watch news or stories not necessarily aired by controlled and censored GBC. Check out DGTV. In three weeks, views have surpassed 10K.
by | July 25, 2022

War with Russia as “predicted” by Illuminati Top-dog Kissinger

"We will be at war by August," said Henry Kissinger. Is a global war weeks away?
by | July 12, 2022
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