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The Endgame or Escalation of The War?

Gonzalo Lira’s analysis of the Ukraine-Russian War (22 January 2023):

“We are getting into a key moment as far as the conflict in Ukraine, because two things are going on,” he says.

DGTV – The Endgame or Escalation of War?

The Russians are about to take Bakhmut.

The Zelensky regime knows Bakhmut is a key supply line. It’s a crucial line of defence. The Zelensky regime is throwing everything it can into Bakhmut. They have been pulling troops away from other places like Zaporizhia. Because of this, the Russians have been able to advance in Zaporizhia.

It’s like a dam with multiple holes and not enough fingers to plug in all the holes.

The West realizes this. Everybody who has good intel into what’s actually going on (and not the nonsense propaganda of MSM). They recognize Bakhmut is the key battle of the war. And the Russians are winning.

If this is a chess match, this is the endgame. We know more or less who’s going to win.

The Western Warmongers – They know who’s going to win.

And now there’s all this talk about sending tanks and F16s and a lot of other stuff. And a lot of people in the Western military don’t want to be sending their gear, because if they send the gear, they aren’t going to have any gear themselves. And they know that gear is going to have to be operated by NATO troops because there isn’t enough time to train Zelenksy’s troops. On its own, this armour isn’t going to do a lot.

Bakhmut would be a big prize. Its capture could allow Russia to disrupt Ukrainian supply lines in the east and threaten other Ukrainian-held cities in the surrounding Donetsk region.

That’s why Lira thinks it could turn into an air-war.

War is a scientific, mathematical process and the idiots in Brussels and Washington are treating it like a roulette game, throwing in their chips to try to win; and it doesn’t work that way.

One path is the Zelensky Kiev Regime collapses; and The West is left crying – The Endgame.

The other path is NATO gets involved directly.

Lira thinks if they go this route that they’ll declare an air-war and have a no-fly zone over Ukraine. And then, what will happen is the Russians will shoot down a lot of these F16s. And this will be an excuse for The West to double down and send more aircrafts like F35s and F22s; and really ramp it up; and go for a head-to-head war between NATO and Russia. – The Escalation.

Lira doesn’t know which path they’ll take yet.

Listen to the entire 17-minute analysis at the above link.

Bakhmut and Zaporizhia are featured in this map:


Russia advances towards two towns in Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region – Moscow’s forces are pushing towards two towns in Ukraine’s southern Zaporizhia region, where fighting intensified this week after several months of a stagnant front, Russian state media has reported. Vladimir Rogov, a Russian-installed official in the region said, “The initiative is in our hands.”

Explainer: Why is Russia Trying So Hard to Capture the Small Ukrainian City of Bakhmut? Seizing Bakhmut would give Russia a small, strategic foothold to launch a wider offensive against the Ukrainian-held cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk to the north. Bakhmut also sits on a crucial highway that runs diagonally through Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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