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Ricardo Delgado: “Despite the evidence, they continue to deny it”

An interview with Ricardo Delgado, biostatistician, founder and director of La Quinta Columna (about graphene-oxide in “injectables and its purpose).

By Magdalena del Amo

Thousands of people, some live in the city of Seville (Spain) and others by streaming in the rest of the world, have been able to contemplate in the microscope the content of the vaccines, kept secret like any weapon of war.

This event was held just on the third anniversary of this period of dystopia that they have called pandemic, caused by a killer and contagious virus that does not exist, neither do waves and variants, and yes, instead, thousands of antennas irradiating innocent human bodies, victims of the big lie of the system, inoculated with a substance called vaccine that contains reduced graphene-oxide, A nanomaterial that is marking the future of humanity on its way to transhumanism.

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Conference of La Quinta Columna: The game is over (19 March 2023)
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Spanish with English subtitles

Ricardo Delgado has kindly granted us this interview, which we hope can clarify some doubts to our readers.

Magdalena del Amo: At the beginning of this situation called a pandemic, you, like so many other people, believed that the cause was a very contagious virus, and that the answer would come to us through biologists. In fact, they started to warn about mRNA and spike protein. When did you realize that the focus had to be changed, that the truth was elsewhere?

Ricardo Delgado: We realized that direct answers could only come from one place: direct observation through the analysis of “vaccines.” Medicine and biology could hardly explain the damage, because they did not know the true cause that originated them. However, disciplines such as epidemiology gave us the keys. This was confirmed by the fact that the “fashionable disease” and the first cases of what they called “coronavirus” were registered in the Chinese city of Wuhan, as of November 30, 2019; precisely, the first city in the world chosen in time and place for the technological ignition of the 5G network.

To this day, we know from the pioneering analysis of injectables, carried out by The Fifth Column and others that took place later, as well as those carried out in other parts of the world, that there is NO biological material in the samples. Obviously, both the mRNA platform and the affectation of the famous spike protein were only smokescreens to divert the research of anyone who analyzed, in situ, the “vaccines”.

Ricardo Delgado tells the audience, “What they called Covid-19 is the interaction of this undeclared material into biology.”

When graphene, inoculated and labeled as a “vaccine”, comes into contact with blood, it generates the formation of a protein biomolecular crown. The function of this crown of proteins is to protect our biology from the introduction of foreign material to make it go unnoticed. However, certain groups label it as toxic and relate it to the spike protein. Once again, with the sole intention of diverting the focus from the origin of all damage in biology, since evil is caused by the cause – graphene – and not by its consequence – the crown of proteins.

M del A: Assuming that the vast majority of readers are approaching this information for the first time, I would like to break down the most important points about the situation we are experiencing and, specifically, about the content of the “vaccines”. What they have discovered in The Fifth Column is alarming. How did they arrive at these conclusions and on what basis are they?

R D: We rely on the evidence corroborated through observation, on the guiding principle of the scientific method, on the use of scientifically validated tools to know and characterize what we observe. Our research has been corroborated in different parts of the world, which has allowed us to establish a predictive model that made it easier for us to even anticipate what was going to happen.

M del A: They have found reduced graphene-oxide in the vials; however, many doubt and others deny it. Why has this become a taboo subject?

R D: The evidence for the existence of reduced graphene-oxide in inocula is clear and, in addition, has been corroborated in other parts of the world by different types of characterization, such as: light and dark field optical microscopy; SEM and TEM electron tests; ultraviolet absorbance compatibility tests; X-ray diffraction; optical comparison with images of the pattern; fluorescence techniques; and, above all, characterization by RAMAN vibration through electron scanning, offering RAMAN vibration or the characteristic peaks of reduced graphene-oxide.

Ricardo opens a vial of sealed Pfizer and places a drop on the microscope glass plate, and then looks at it, before the live audience.

M del A: All this is very technical and we would have to do a course to understand it; but let’s get down to the practical: we are facing a quasi-magical material, unknown until recently, endowed with spectacular characteristics. What are these qualities?

R D: When we review the toxicity or presumed biocompatibility of the material in human biology, the scientific literature is also very clear. Graphene or its derivatives, such as reduced graphene-oxide, has intrinsic properties, including superconductive; magnetic in contact with living cells; piezoelectric; high capacitance; radiomodulable; flexible and transparent.

Its superconducting capacity explains its affinity for eminently electrical organs, such as the cardiac system and the central nervous system, read neurons and spinal cord.

Depending on the magnetism acquired in contact with organic molecules, the magnetic phenomenon that appeared in people inoculated with the material is explained.

Due to its piezoelectric quality, the excitation of the material to generate electricity under any pressure, whether acoustic, water weight pressure or others, is explained.

The capacitance of the material is such that, currently, it is used for the construction of state-of-the-art batteries. This quality makes it able to condense the energy obtained from external foci. This, together with being present in vital organs such as the heart, means that these electrical discharges that the material condenses can interrupt the cardiac electrical conduction tissue, generating arrhythmias and the classic fainting (due to lack of cerebral blood supply) that, in many cases, end in sudden death.

The fact that this material is radiomodulable clearly indicates that it is excited by microwaves. In short, it acts as an amplifier or catalyst for electromagnetic radiation signals, such as the current 5G. Its extraordinary hardness – 200 times harder than steel – makes our biology choose to expel it instead of degrading it.

M del A: Expand on the toxicity of graphene-oxide, substantiated in the multiple damages it produces in the body: curiously the same ones attributed to covid.

R D: I must emphasize that we should all understand that this metamaterial foreign to biology cannot be innocuous within it. First, the immune system handles it as if it were a pathogen. Depending on their route of entry into biology, their toxicity is relative.

M del A: What exactly do you mean?

R D: When graphene-oxide penetrates our biology intramuscularly, the immune system acts against it with a mesh of neutrophils and white globules. When it is found in the lung, which is one of the elimination pathways, it is attacked by enzymes such as myeloperoxidase. In contact with blood, it is enveloped by a protein crown called the biological crown or molecular biodistribution crown. The function of these structural proteins is to wrap it to make it go unnoticed by human biology due to its high toxicity.

Graphene-oxide is a coagulant and, in fact, graphene-oxide sponges are used in hemostatic treatments to heal wounds. Coagulation also facilitates the Rouleaux Effect of the microwave action itself. (The Rouleaux Effect is a literal stacking of red blood cells [erythrocytes] and deformity of them that we are currently seeing in the blood of those inoculated through light microscopy sessions). Obviously, after coagulation, we obtain, as a consequence, all types of thrombogenicity, which has contributed to thromboembolism and cerebrovascular accidents, as well as ischemic attacks, strokes, heart-attacks and other disorders.

The radiomodulable quality of graphene-oxide must also be taken into account. By amplifying the incoming microwave radiation, we also amplify its damage to the organism.

M del A: What is the first reaction of the organism to the entry of graphene?

Delgado tells the audience about Covid-19 and inflammation.

R D: The first response mechanism is inflammation wherever the material passes through our biology. That is why you are seeing myocarditis; pericarditis; myopericarditis; lung inflammation It also goes through purification systems such as the liver and kidney. In the liver it generates inflammation of the same (hepatitis) and important problems in the kidney -where it remains for a long time-, when it filters the blood contaminated by the material. It also permeates the central nervous system, by superconducting affinity, where it alters its functioning, generating paralysis of all kinds. It inflames neurons leading to various types of neuropathies, including initial memory loss, inattention, brain fog or difficulty concentrating.

By amplifying the damage of non-ionizing microwave radiation, it considerably increases oxidative stress, which contributes to premature aging and the appearance of various types of cancer and tumour tissues.

In reproductive cells – and according to the scientific literature itself – it affects the motility and mobility of human sperm, drastically reducing male fertility.

It also affects hormonal regulation in women, contributing, in short, to their infertility and generating postmenopausal syndrome.

M del A: It is understood that it is not the same to receive one “vaccine” than four, since organism is eliminating graphene.

R D: That’s right. The damages are directly proportional to the number of doses and the amount of electromagnetic radiation that the material absorbs, or the amount of targeted microwave exposure that the inoculated receives.

All these damages and others that we have not mentioned, are not only the cause of the current excess mortality due to these pathologies, but have been clearly identified in the scientific literature for years, when the cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, biocompatibility and biodistribution of graphene-oxide in biology are reviewed. Including the famous “covid lung” that is only a pneumonitis or lung inflammation, as one of the ways of eliminating the material, contributing to the dyspneas – difficulty breathing – and bronchiolitis that we see daily.

M del A: And while society continued to be frightened by a non-existent virus, publicized by politicians and journalists, The Fifth Column, with you at the head, had already discovered the real murderer of this plot.

R D: Indeed, The Fifth Column discovered and demonstrated this premeditated poisoning of the entire society with reduced graphene-oxide, while the institutions spoke of a “coronavirus” that, to this day, no one has seen.

M del A: There is no doubt that we are talking about an important milestone, a vital and transcendent discovery, not only for the humanity of the present, but for that of the future in its transition to transhumanism. But why does this not reach the knowledge of the general public or, if it does, it does so accompanied by a certain skepticism?

During the conference, Richard Delgado connects the nursing home deaths with the campaign.

R D: The evidence presented is known to a large number of people around the world, but it is true that it has not penetrated society to the extent necessary. We have shown that this material was introduced massively in the 2019 influenza campaign, whose direct population was the elderly of the residences or geriatrics, which contributed to the great extermination of the elderly, which was part of what they called “first wave”.

We have also shown that what they have called “outbreaks” and “waves” is nothing more than the consequence of raising environmental radiation by means of telephone antennas, whose microwaves excite graphene-oxide (radiomodulable) to generate more oxidative stress and, ultimately, all the damage previously seen in biology. And, despite everything, much of society still does not know.

M del A: Do you think it’s pure cognitive dissonance, or is it something else? Is there anything that escapes us?

R D: In my opinion, there are important factors for this evidence not to have come to light by its own weight, but let me leave this for the end.

M del A: Well, as you like. Let’s continue talking about the material: why do they introduce reduced graphene-oxide into that “thing” they call vaccine?

R D: This is the big question to which we also find an answer, precisely through the official institutions of very high level, and by the review of the scientific literature itself.

We mentioned earlier the magnetic nature of graphene in contact with organic molecules, right? Well, if we have a magnetic support within biology and, in addition, superconducting – with affinity with the heart and neurons – then we have the ability to read and write information to it, as on a (computer’s*) hard-drive. At the neural level and in the field of neuroscience, reading information is neural monitoring or supervision. Writing information on that magnetic support – which is reduced graphene-oxide – impregnating neurons is known as neuromodulation or neurostimulation. That is, the ability to introduce or insert thoughts (instructions) or to alter human behavioural patterns remotely and wirelessly (scalar and millimeter microwaves). At the level of the cardiac-system, we also talk about biosensor of the heart or stimulation of the same at a distance.

* The Gibraltar Messager’s Note:

The Way home or face The Fire 3:31 The human body is nothing more than a very sophisticated (by human-standards), organic living computer, that self-reproduces and self-repairs (if it is not TOO badly damaged). It is a combination of smaller computers, e.g. brain; kidneys; liver; etc., collectively making up the whole, pre-programmed to have selfish animal-instincts, that your soul has to learn to overcome. The physical human brain operates the body and its emotions, but your mind and its feelings belong to your soul. That is why Jesus said that the flesh is worthless, and that it is only the spirit (soul – the REAL you) that has value (John 3:6; John 6:63).
3:34 The Holy-Spirit, or g(o)od voice, is planted inside the human animal-body, with, and connected to the soul. It is the soul’s telepathic connection with God. To try to simplify things, for you to be able to understand more easily; if you can think, for a moment, of God, as being like a master-computer and memory-bank (fountain of knowledge); with the Holy-Spirit, as the soul’s connection and personal computer terminal, linked to the master one; by which, each soul is told and taught privately, individually and personally, what is good and what is evil, by the Lord; then you will have a better understanding of how things work.
3:35 You can request and receive information from God, by learning to use your telepathic connection (the Holy-Spirit – 1 John 2:27). “Seek and you will find”, but ONLY if you seek with ALL your heart (Jer. 29:13), and in child-like humility.
3:36 Unfortunately, all you ever do is to ask Him to give you this, or that, or to do this, or that, for you. You NEVER ask Him what YOU can do for Him, do you? Isn’t that very selfish, and one-sided?
3:37 The other voice, that everyone has in their head, and knows perfectly well is evil, is obviously the Devil’s voice.

M del A: Apparently, all this hatches suddenly, but it seems that there is a meticulously drawn plan that synchronizes several fronts.

R D: Indeed. All this research and its own scientific literature are present at the same time that characters such as the former president of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, appear talking about “inserting thoughts, inserting feelings and neural monitoring” on the day of the 5G network tender. At the same time, the Chilean Constitution is amended to accommodate the “Neurorights Law”, and tens of millions of base stations and telephone antennas are deployed around the globe. And, among other events, the director of the World Economic Forum himself tells us about biosensors in the brain by 2030, the “increase of transhumanism” or the new human+being “Human 2.0”, the “cloud” and “artificial intelligence”.

M del A: Everything indicates that we are on the road to transhumanism, or the end of the “human era”, as José Luis Cordeiro says. Don’t you find it terrifying?

R D: Indeed, it is terrifying, the worst thing that has happened to human+beings in their entire history. The objective is more than clear: to transhumanize all human+beings in the shortest possible amount of time; despite the serious damage and side-effects of this technology for neuromodular and neurostimulation behaviours, in addition to the supervision of all individuals directly from their neurons. In short, the complete loss of the current human species. That is, the disappearance of the current human to turn him into “something else”, deprived of his essence, free-will, ability to think for himself and his natural tendency to spirituality. And for this, the material that acts as an INTERFACE is reduced graphene-oxide. This is the great KEY. That is why they try to deny it or ignore it in all kinds of ways.

M del A: We had left for the end his answer on the reasons why this important discovery has not come to light, moreover, in the form of a great scandal. What factors have influenced and continue to influence this cover-up?

R D: There are several factors; The first and very obvious is the very control that governments have of the institutions in their charge, including the media; health institutions; judiciary; trade unions; and so on. This allows them to carry out their agendas, perfectly planned in advance. But, there is another factor clearly exposed and that some, apparently dissidents, do not even want to mention.

It is the concept of controlled dissent, false dissent or false dissenters. These are people who claim to work for dissent and the clarification of the Truth, but who, nevertheless, introduce all kinds of obstacles so that it does not come to light. This phenomenon has been introduced into all kinds of wars. And I do not disclose anything new if I say that we are in the worst war of all, where the enemy to beat is the human+being himself.

M del A: Could it be said that this is a counterintelligence action, and that there is a protocol of action that, in this specific case, is working?

Ricardo Delgado on the evil behind the intent.

R D: That’s right. And in this way of acting there are several strategies that I will list, referring to the case at hand:

In general, T.H.E.Y. usually do everything possible to delay an initial discovery, or eliminate all the “good clues” that arrive, allowing the implementation of the objective they have. In this particular case it is to conceal the purpose of graphene-oxide as an interface.

• They are characterized by denying the evidence or the properties it presents. For example, they deny the existence of graphene in “vaccines”, as well as the magnetic phenomenon of the inoculated or the emission of MAC addresses detected by Bluetooth.

• They infiltrate good research to try to delay it, using all kinds of strategies.

• They introduce new foci, presumably harmful, to neutralize the damage generated by the true cause, but that they must cover, at all costs. For example, they try to cloak graphene-oxide with snake-venom, radioactive-isotopes, bee-venom, heavy-metals or the famous spike-protein (which is precisely the answer to introducing graphene into biology).

• They try to wrap the KEY with any distracting element so that it loses its strength.

• They use violence and personal attack, manipulating or misrepresenting even the personal lives of those who make the discovery of evidence that they must cover up.

• Normally, they are financed economically by the system itself, or have promises of social promotions in the same or other types of perks.

• The groups of controlled dissidence were created before true dissident collectives naturally appeared in the face of the advance of the situation that began to affect us all. As in any war, the enemy has these groups, created in different parts of the world and with similar labels to counteract, capture, collapse and neutralize the discoveries of human groups that seek the truth. A very significant example of these groups are the collectives “for the truth”, generated, a priori, in different parts of the world and that have tried to discredit any research, evidence or discovery generated, from observation, by truly dissident groups.

• Like the official version itself, they use attributes in their names and slogans where their real meaning is just the opposite of how they are labelled. The real meaning of “by the truth” is “to cover up the Truth.”

• They are usually active in the system itself, either in the health field, in the academic or others (doctors, official colleges of biologists, etc.).

• They are organized hierarchically, so that their domes are occupied by “spokespersons” who govern and parasitize all the discourse of the collective, so that no one has an individual opinion, and if they have it, it is eclipsed by the dome itself. Thus, they direct the message where they want and hide the evidence.

• They introduce bots and fictitious followers, as well as aggressive trolls, on various platforms to give the idea that they have unconditional human support. The reality is that, practically, no one follows them. This fact is evident when they give talks in public, which are attended by a small number of people.

• They are responsible for capturing people who are doubtful of the official version (doctors; academics; lawyers; journalists; etc.) and introduce them into collectives, previously created, to eclipse the message they could give. Once inside the collective, they are bound to the guidelines of the spokesperson of the same. For example; Lawyers for the Truth, or Journalists for the Truth. They tend to base their ‘research’ on the ‘papers’ themselves, which are written in the official version itself, against which they are supposedly at odds.

• They never do real analyses using scientific tools, because this would force them to manipulate the results, to hide what they have discovered. Instead of researching they prefer to say that “Analyzing vaccines is a waste of time”; “Don’t look under the microscope, because you won’t be able to see anything”, or “Getting vaccines is very difficult.”

• The works of those who DO analyze using RAMAN, optical microscopy, electron or any technique conducive to KNOWING how to characterize the key component of the “vaccines” are ridiculed, and attacked by this false dissidence with very pilgrim arguments. Most of these attacks are virulent and personal.

• They use their titles to speak by “principle of authority” given by the same or the institution to which they belong, but not by “scientific principle of evidence.”

• They use arguments from the official version – against which they apparently fight – to discredit serious and independent works. For example, relying on official leaflets of the “vaccines”, when, precisely, components NOT declared in them are being denounced and that could cause the entire operation to fall.

• They make approaches to the evidenced discoveries, with which they manage to capture a certain range of honest people and then discard that paradigm and return to other foci. For example, they admit the existence of graphene, but argue that there is very little in “vaccines,” or acknowledge that vaccinated emit MAC addresses, but discard graphene.

• They boast of phrases like “We must all be united” or “Together we are stronger” precisely to infiltrate.

• They focus on the damage, but not on the actual cause that originates it.

• They deal with denouncing minor issues, to minimize the impact of what damages the most. For example, denouncing masks, loss of freedoms and rights, or the ineffectiveness of the PCR test, while covering up the introduction of the interface in injectables, which is the objective to reach transhumanism.

M del A: If this is so, the ordinary citizen has it very difficult. On the one hand, he is deceived by the system, and on the other, by those he believes seek the truth. Do you have one last tip to finish?

Richard Delgado tells the audience how we could end this move to transhumanism.

R D: Identifying these “people” is vital to continue moving forward, and bring to light the EVIDENCE and stop or prevent the operation. False dissent is the first line of battle that the enemy sends to our ranks. There are people of good faith, who have not learned to identify them, and who “pretend to be right with everyone”, but this is, plain and simple, impossible, because they are trusting and communing with traitors, daily and without knowing it. They must choose and abandon any interest other than the Truth, above anything else. There is no ground for half measures, because of the gravity to which we are exposing ourselves. We cannot allow the false dissent to continue trying to discredit the evidence, and that it does not come to light with sufficient force, thus ensuring that the operation against the human+being continues. That is, the end of the human age through transhumanism.

The Conference on La Quinta’s Odysee Channel –
Spanish with English Subtitles:
Conference of La Quinta Columna: The game is over (19 March 2023)
(Also on DGTV.)

English Dubbed Version:
Conference of La Quinta Columna: The game is over (19 March 2023)
(Also on DGTV.)

Source: In Spanish – Periodista Digital – Ricardo Delgado: «A pesar de la evidencia, lo siguen negando»

The Spanish version of this article on Gibraltar Messenger, with the embedded video and special note is – Ricardo Delgado: «A pesar de la evidencia, lo siguen negando»

La Quinta Columna released this video 6 April 2023 –

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28 June 2021 – A report entitled “GRAPHENE-OXIDE DETECTION IN AQUEOUS SUSPENSION OBSERVATIONAL STUDY IN OPTICAL AND ELECTRON MICROSCOPY” was published by Dr. Pablo Campra, University of Almeria (UAL – Spain) initiated by Mr. Ricardo Delgado in a formal request for university research services, named: “DETECTION OF GRAPHENE IN AQUEOUS SUSPENSION SAMPLE”. Dr. Campra’s conclusion confirming graphene-oxide within the covid vaccines was a major step in the public disclosure of this ingredient in vaccines. English Report PDF.

Featured on Orwell City, Dr. Campra explained his technical report, which supported Ricardo Delgado and La Quinta Columna’s investigative work. Campra wasn’t the only one who broke the news about La Quinta Columna – Dr. Jane Ruby was the first to break the story in the U.S. in July 2021; and she continues to highlight their work in educating the public. In this video, she discusses their report Graphene in C19 Shots (Feb 2023). “La Quinta Columna most definitely identified graphene-oxide,” Ruby said.

December 2021 – Orwell City interviews Ricardo Delgado: Real-time observation of the content of a Pfizer vaccine vial (article & video).

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Analysis of a single drop of the Pfizer “vaccine”, as of December 26, 2022 (video).

Additional Expert Reports:

Dr. Robert Young – Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene & Parasites in CoV-19 Vaccines (PDF). Young’s website.

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Secret Documents published by order of the U.S. Federal Court prove Pfizer, the FDA & Fact Checkers lied when they said Toxic Graphene-Oxide was not inside the Covid-19 Vaccines

Several independent studies conducted by doctors and scientists have confirmed that Graphene-Oxide is in fact present in these vaccines. But the manufacturers, medicine regulators and so called Fact-Checkers have refuted these claims, most likely due to the known toxic effects it has on the body.

One of the most recent documents published by the FDA, saved as 125742_S1_M4_4.2.1 vr vtr 10741.pdf, confirms the use of Graphene Oxide in the manufacturing process of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Proving that medicine regulators the mainstream media, Fact Checkers and Pfizer have all been lying to you.

The study is the confirmation on page 7 that Graphene-Oxide is required to manufacture the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

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